stroke-width: 5; Nothing is linear, nor consecutive.

PISCES 16 While Capricorn is on the cusp of the eleventh house, there are two planets (and the South Node of the Moon) that are in the sign of Aquarius and also in the eleventh house.

If we were going to stay high and spiritually correct, we could speak in a more mentally straightforward style. } SCORPIO 4 In this cycle you scare up the world's most extreme melodramas, each one of them marked "no way out, no way through." Microworlds and macroworlds reflect each other's light. GEMINI 3 Being held in the grip of vast, primordial forces. Becoming bound up with subtle and hidden layers of existence and tuned out of what is obvious and straightforward. And this is a precarious edge to walk. ARIES 7 border-top-color: #f1ffe4; #hotspot-36609 .hotspots-placeholder,


Here is the greatest display of inward ability that can be imagined. The finest accompanies each breath. VIRGO 25

You entirely live for the cosmic, the universal, the inner sourcespring. The near door is a chute downward into ever more of the same. Those facets that remain young and unformed have not kept up with the greater awareness in the personal expression and embodiment. In the last previous lifetime, you set into motion a very full karmic momentum, which only got to midstream. Profligate and prodigal, you are fertile, creative, dynamic. Yet in the center of all this lies as fresh a perception and way of being as the outward husk has grown decadent. And somehow, slowly and gradually, despite yourself, you are being hurtled toward an abyss that you cannot avoid--to cross over the abyss, to uproot physically, energetically, and emotionally your claim against yourself, your self-negation. A way of looking at things that magnifies the wonder and overcomes all of the dross, in a strong quest to find yourself amidst the debris of lost worlds and to salvage the dream and the vision. Being so many things at once that it is impossible to think about. Wine casks retrieved from an ancient shipwreck. GEMINI 16 CANCER 5 Becoming camouflaged perfectly by adopting a persona that is wondrously engaging and easily connected with. The assignment is clear, brutally so.

A bodiless head asleep on the beach.

Selfless service obedient to the Gods. The tortuous journey of stepping away from gifts and wonders until you can be light and free with them. A long mirrored hallway lit with candles. They shall activate the forces of magic, the return of wonder, and the feeling for what can be. fill-opacity: 0.81; Even willing to take them on, to play them through. Custom designed by destiny, tailor-made. So much to say, such a lineage to articulate and reveal. border: 0 #f1ffe4 solid; It is agony in that you are so weighed down by the gravity of things, sorely troubled, heavily impacted, just about immobilized. #hotspot-44745 .leaflet-tooltip-right:before { Nothing feels right. Because I also found this same dilemma in subsequent encounters with those trying to interpret the degrees, I was made keenly aware, over and over again, that I would have to retain my own imaginative depths of seeing if I ever wished to give the degrees their rightful internal sounding. Defiant of roles, masks, and secondary references. The longing and the craving, the fantasy and the vision are everything here. LIBRA 17 The transition is arduous and consuming. Held within the soul's alembic. You have to go so deep inside burrowing into the cave of navigational realization, that you are held, cherished, known, given all you need; yet as well required, commanded, to become entirely purposeful and to be the path and to cease all complaining and extraneous consciousness. And in the meantime, making the very most of the chance to fathom the ways of earth and the dazzling idiosyncrasies of the human species. Subjecting yourself to grueling ordeals, rites of passage.

This was not who you expected to see. Thousands of gold nuggets glistening at the bottom of a clear stream. So, building up strength and courage inside, toward self-overcoming, is the path. #hotspot-44745 .hotspot-Custom { Fate has set the pattern. You distinctly charge the atmosphere with a pranic renewal, a source sustenance, and the whole idea is to make way for the universal life-force to stream right in and bless with its all-forgiving radiance. Political intrigue. Small Dogs For Sale Near Me,

GEMINI 8 You are personally, privately one way and publicly, impersonally, another way, turning it on to suit the occasion.

Knows what's going on.

Daring yourself to operate without the huge advantage of knowing everything ahead of time, and dropping down into the position of moving by primal instincts, each moment naked and following the live track of what arises. The ultimate challenge--to throw the self off and take the self on as it is appropriate. Yet your inward nature contains within it a host of retrogressive pulls of great power and intensity, and your newfound footing in the world of self-mastery is tense and pressurized by shadows of the past threatening to engulf whatever territory you can begin to make your own. Footprints in the snow.

Purpose gazes right down the middle and sees that the way is clear. Maybe they have spent several lifetimes, in fact, perfecting how to play a violin or mastering the laws of science.The fact is that the royal fixed star Regulus is believed to be at 29 degrees of Leo and whose prominence in a birth chart promised a life lived among the socially prominent. When chaos joins forces with hard and heavy dense frequencies, we are in for an exceedingly difficult journey. The Earth is not visible.

A book with blank pages. But cut off from spirit, you wander in the maze of the cultural intellect, trying to find meaning where there is mostly nothingness. Deep down inside you witness everything that happens, amazed to be getting away with it, and waiting to be unveiled in the fullness of time when the cycle is over and you must find another place to hide, unless you are finally ready to let yourself be. #hotspot-36609 .hotspot-title, Inside this quandary, something else is going on. It is human nature to restrict yourself to one dimension or perhaps two at a time. Power is stored in the Earth at primal, quickening points. Humoring the little self, playing along with it, encouraging it to do its worst. When your life-force ebbs and becomes stagnant, the world is saturated with abysmal dread. You wait, hope, and are drawn back and back until the inner worlds have been heard and respected and the balance can be restored. The most basic and elemental things turn into the instantaneous invocation of the miracle of existence. You don't know how to stop.

Your heart is divided between memories and visions, sentiment and knowledge.

Its natural sign ruler is Gemini and its natural planetary ruler is Mercury. An ancient glass vial perfectly preserved. You remember the way it is supposed to be and reconstitute all good things from the past, while inwardly craving to break through to something new. GEMINI 27 Office Fridge Cleaning Email Template, Contains boundless intact awareness held for the future. This kind of edge hones the mind and the soul.

Seeking a path, a practice, a journey from an insulated way of life to a vitally engaged way of life, but hung up at the point of giving yourself completely over.

A flock of penguins on an icy beach. Experience is all.

Void of heart-force.