Are the relocation packages good? 60 days free local storage while I search. ), that they assume there's somewhere I can fit? I left after 10 months, terrible new supervisor and old manager did not have my back. Since I didn't have a place yet, they offered two months of temporary housing in a furnished apartment while I look for a permanent place. Ensure that you know what to track on. Find out if they are reimbursing you or giving you money or housing up front. Overall the experience was fantastic. they packed everything, shipped cars, stored everything, even came and picked up the empty moving boxes when I was moved in. They had a relocation expert drive me around to look for a place to rent (or buy). I'm just beginning this process now after being hired for my first job after college. There was no clawback provision. I was given 30 days with wiggle room. they sent a separate company to box up my flat screen TVs because plasma TVs cannot be laid down flat...they even had a device that would let me know if the TV box they built was ever laid flat while in transit. Just be honest about your experience. Total expenses was only like 4 grand since I was moving out of the dorms and really didn't have much to take with me. I only chose places with high cost of living because the extra cash was so worth it. For me? I had to sign a 2 year agreement both times, but it was worth it. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I got a $10,000 relocation package, saw that the fine print said if I leave within 12 months for any reason that I could prevent, I would owe it all back. Maybe Amazon switched to 2 years or this is not uniform. The reimburse you for driving your car, meals, and hotels for your trip out. In other words be ambitious (within reason) HR can always counter offer something. I lost about a third of the value before I recieved it. Silicon Valley would definitely be the place to go if you wanted a career in these areas, especially mobile app development. My previous job offered either a signing bonus, or relocation assistance, one or the other. Worked at an Amazon Air facility. Twice, once as entry level, they gave a budget and we rented a truck and did all the work ourselves to stay in budget. Yes, there's a hiring bonus, and it's actually quite substantial. For me it was a stipend that was taxed. It was amazing. From what I've read everywhere, this is not the norm. These jobs are mainly in Silicon Valley and San Francisco. She did all the work for me and set up all my tours. I have made so much money with this over the last 5 yrs. That's a significant amount of money. I got said $50/day allowance and a $5000 cash moving bonus both times after I started at the job as well. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I didn't have to do a thing! They even sent me a few hundred bucks to buy some furniture since I gave their name to the apartment complex we signed with. The downside is taxes have to be paid on the expenses the company shells out for you to move, be aware of that. Hey guys! Just curious. When I say paid I mean they arranged everything. I don't have any issues with that. Definitely brush up on all your CS fundamentals, since that's always good, even for experienced folks.