Note: Read the sections for both your Sun Sign and Ascendant for a better picture of what lies ahead for the day. The answers we’ve been waiting for might arrive, and plans or projects that have stalled now resume. Something communicated in the past can now come back for correction or refocus. Uranus continues to shake up your personal or domestic world. With the Gemini Moon, we’re reasonable and logical, and we gravitate toward contacts and activities that stimulate us and satisfy our need for diversity, variety, and knowledge. Moreover, you will get a chance to spend time with closed ones. Is your relationship worth fighting for? This is the third and final in a set of. The void Moon occurs from 8:27 PM EST, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a square to Mercury), until the Moon enters Leo tomorrow, Saturday, November 7th, at 2:19 AM EST. We’re unlikely to feel confident enough to rock the boat. Your efforts to discipline yourself or structure your life can be satisfying and rewarding. This transit generally favors big business, the law, grants, taxes, education, and commerce. 03novOverview of the DayNovember 3, 2020Daily Overview(Overview of the Day: tuesday) EST Event Type :Daily Overview, Tuesday, NOVEMBER 3 Big players transiting this area of your chart are in the background, working undercover, and nudging you to deal with matter you’ve ignored, swept under the carpet, or left unfinished. You have the opportunity to realize all your plans and ideas if you concentrate enough only on them. 12nov4:39 pmJupiter conjunct Pluto (3)Planetary Aspect4:39 pm EST Event Type :Planetary Aspect, Jupiter conjunct Pluto Mercury first formed a lower square to Saturn on September 23rd and then returned to the square while retrograde on November 1st. Jupiter at 22° Capricorn 52’ forms a conjunction with Pluto at 22° Capricorn 52′ on November 12th, 2020. Self-discovery is a powerful theme this year, and it will blossom further next year. 05novOverview of the DayNovember 5, 2020Daily Overview(Overview of the Day: thursday) EST Event Type :Daily Overview, Thursday, NOVEMBER 5 We’re more error-prone. However, this pursuit may clash with our desire for companionship and independence with the Moon’s square to Venus in Libra and Mars in Aries. Aquarius Aquarius Ascendant Daily Horoscope In other words, you can make measurable progress instead of focusing mainly on fixing problems before moving ahead. A problem, criticism, or misunderstanding can weigh heavily in the air. This can be an ambitious time when a desire for success is especially strong. Mars Retrograde Cycle from September 9 to November 13, 2020: Mars now turns direct at 15° Aries 14′ after over two months of retrograde motion. For more information, visit our site All of this translates to increasingly more clarity in your life. However, this pursuit. While your obligations and ambitions are receiving more attention than usual, Venus in your solar ninth house until the 21st stimulates your desire for adventure and a taste for the exotic. Nevertheless, we can benefit from the clarity of the Sun-Moon trine this evening and act more holistically and purposefully. There is a super interaction between Uranus and the North Node and planets in your work-and-health sector, suggesting a better work-home balance, the chance to work from or on the home with success, or more support and involvement from loved ones regarding work and routines. Mercury was retrograde in Scorpio from October. It’s a transit that we usually look forward to since it tends to alleviate pressures and open us up to new possibilities and opportunities. The Moon heads into the sign of Leo early today at 2:19 AM EST. Its trine to Mercury this morning helps us express ourselves well, even if our words are not perfect. Professional Life of Aquarians. This is also an area of our charts where we uncover hidden talents and strengths, not only areas of liability. But if she loves you now, what else matters?… Click to read more. The Moon continues its transit of Gemini until 4:45 PM EST, after which the Moon transits Cancer. However, there can be a willingness to make sacrifices if it seems the best way to make improvements. *Keep in mind that cutoff dates for Sun signs are always approximate since the cusp/cutoff dates vary each year. Mercury was retrograde from October 13th to November 3rd. As two of these planets move out of this sector of your chart in 2020, you’ll find yourself more psychically ready to share this confidence with others. The Moon spends the day in the sign of Cancer. You need to start opening up about all the projects you're working on right now. You could find yourself more visible or in demand. While Jupiter expands, Saturn constricts. We may feel a little out of sorts, which can ultimately prompt us to make some useful edits. 03nov12:50 pmMercury turns direct in LibraDirect Station12:50 pm EST, Mercury now turns direct at 25° Libra 54' after a few weeks of retrograde motion. Aquarius Moon Sign Compatibility You’re discovering areas that have been holding you back–where you feel bound or stuck–and with this awareness, you’ll find ways to put things behind you that belong in the past. Mercury enters retrograde zone/shadow on September 23, 2020, at 25 Libra 54, Mercury turns retrograde on October 13, 2020, at 11 Scorpio 40Rx, Mercury leaves its retrograde zone/shadow on November 19, 2020, at 11 Scorpio 40, Mars entered its retrograde zone on July 25th, 2020, at 15° Aries 14′, Mars turned retrograde on September 9th, 2020, at 28° Aries 08’Rx, Mars leaves its retrograde zone on January 2nd, 2021, at 28° Aries 08′. Mars is retrograde from September 9th to November 13th, 2020. The ability to sway or persuade can be enhanced. Your perspective and worldview have changed, and you're moving to a better place of self-understanding. This morning, Leo’s ruler, the Sun, forms a quincunx to retrograde Mars, presenting some mild challenges and disrupting the flow. The Moon spends the day in the sign of Cancer. Love Life of Aquarians. This applies at all times, but is particularly relevant now during this health crisis. While Mercury in Libra urged us to find. When Mercury is in Scorpio, our thoughts and communications are more probing and intense. We seek out comfort and familiarity today with a Cancer Moon. Consider, too, that Mercury heads right back into a square to Saturn, exact on the 6th, suggesting some tendency to worry, after which you might enjoy forward movement on projects and endeavors in your life that encountered delays or setbacks in recent weeks. Daily affairs become less chaotic and overwhelming, freeing you up to attend to more worldly goals. Oct 31, 2020: You know that if you can try and stay grounded in your everyday life you can balance the good days and the bad days and not be affected by the roller-coaster ride that life can take you on from time to time. Aquarius Daily Horoscope You will get pleasure from your partner. You can feel particularly productive and effective from mid-December forward. They want to know what's got you so energized. You remain quite busy but in a far more straightforward way. After 4:45 PM, we begin to favor comfort over satisfying our curiosity. Jupiter transits a sign for approximately a year every twelve years or so. Over the. Dawn might be a magical, ethereal time of the day, but who's up to see it anyway? A Mercury-Saturn square is rather grumpy, critical, and worried or fretting. Social or material goals may come into strong focus, and reform could figure now. Thinking is inclined to be one-track minded, focused, and even obsessive. However, the major difference this year compared to recent years is that you see a way forward. We have a high need to stick with tradition or familiar methods, and ideally, we’re learning from past experiences, love, family, and attachments. You might think they'll roll their eyes when you give them an update, but that's not true. As the day advances, the Leo Moon encourages our theatrical, playful, and competitive sides. Mercury in Scorpio seeks truths in all that is hidden and undercover. The Lunar Eclipse on the 30th can stimulate much desire and passion. Scorpio is extremely sharp, profound, and analytical. Thinking is clear, and this brightens your mood. While your efforts to understand the things that have been holding you back from your new beginnings have not always been straightforward, 2020 makes it all the easier. They are more likely to look at you with amazement and then give you a round of well-deserved applause. As the shift from retrograde to direct occurs, there can be the magnification of problems and difficulties conveying and understanding directions. It’s your job to identify, work through, and release these kinds of crippling emotions this year. Saturn’s transit of your sign is not expected to a walk in the park, but it does help bring more clarity, purpose, and structure into your life–the very things that have been lacking and sometimes bringing you down as a result in recent years. This time around, Jupiter enters your sign just two days after Saturn enters Aquarius in December for the long haul. Over the coming weeks, recent challenging issues with communications and decision-making can improve. You will be pleased with news of upcoming happy events. yesterday today: 10.31.20 . Essentially, you’re seeking closure so that you can move forward, and while the “moving forward” part comes full bloom in 2021, everything is starting this year. You may frequently feel as if you’re on the cusp of something great this year, Aquarius, and you are! While the Cancer Moon forms a lovely trine to Neptune this morning, and we can find creative ways to express and satisfy our increased needs for safety, it forms oppositions to Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn, and a square to Mercury. It can be a time of personal growth and expansion. Stars suggest you not to take any important decision during this time. Our thoughts are profound. Aquarians will find a lot is going on psychologically, behind the scenes, and on the inside again this year. The Moon’s square to Uranus suggests an attempt to stubbornly stick with our methods this afternoon. Mercury was retrograde from October 13th to November 3rd. Love, Annie (April 1, 2020). Influential acquaintances will help in your endeavors. Guilt, worry, fear, insecurity…these things have a way of accumulating over the years, and they can hold you back. While the shift today can be disorienting, you'll see forward progress with work, travel, and educational plans or endeavors in the coming days and weeks. Creativity: Fair ~ Love: Fair ~ Business: Fair, Yesterday  – Today –  Tomorrow Customer Care No 9999 091 091 This is a time for pleasant surprises and advances, particularly related to life path goals. Nov 3, 2020: You're doing some good stuff, so spread the word! Over the coming weeks, recent challenging issues with communications and decision-making can improve. Another theme that will be with you more fully in 2021, but that’s beginning this year, relates to your social life, friendships, romantic relationships, your pursuit of pleasure and happiness, and creative output. Benefits may come now through those in authority or the government. November 2020 Monthly Horoscope Overview for Aquarius: November is a month when you're particularly competent and attentive, dear Aquarius. Aquarius Love Horoscope - Get your free Aquarius daily love horoscope and find out what the planets have to predict regarding your love life today. You're seeking the best for yourself and believing in yourself. October 31, 2020 : Aquarius Horoscope for today. Gemini's ruler, Mercury, stations and turns direct today after three weeks of retrograde motion. How else will people know about them? You are putting a burden behind you. Aquarius Venus Sign Compatibility. After Mars turns direct on the 13th, pressures ease with less attention paid to what others are saying and doing, as well as fewer complications with transportation, commuting, communications, and education.