See WLC Software Release Notes for an accurate upgrade path, download information, and upgrade procedure information for each specific release. 18 0 obj If i don't have these softwares, i can't upgrade my software directly to (Cisco Controller) > transfer download password password (only needed if using ftp) Meet the new IT superpowers: agility and resiliency, The New Era of WAN – an ASIC innovation story, We recommend that you install the FUS image to upgrade components such as the bootloader, field recovery image, FPGA/MCU, and other firmware to their latest respective versions. 3 0 obj endobj Before doing that just verify that the Redundancy is operational with the command show redundancy summary, (Cisco-Wireless-5508) >show redundancy summary Reading this post will give you almost a step-by-step process on how to upgrade a WLC code on a 5508 (its very similar if you have a Cisco Wireless 2504 or virtual WLC (vWLC) controller as well) TFTPD is the recommend program to be used by Cisco. it will not swap the image on the AP’s and it also instructs them to reboot as well. endobj (invalid_anc5) Hello Everyone, I have some questions about the subject. However, I have a total of 6 WLANs on the controller, 5 of which are WEP (I inherited this mess). Accelerate your digital journey and cloud adoption CCIE, Wireless, F5, Ansible, AWS, Cloud and data centre to Network Automation - my journey as a network engineer. It is a free and can be obtained from here: Ensure your TFTP server instance is running and pointed to a directory of your choice. endobj When I went to preload the AP they failed. He is using PRTG but that Server is not connected with WLC. or So i want to upgrade my software release to Currently based in the UK working for a Cisco Gold Partner as a Senior Network & Security Consultant. %PDF-1.4 Hi, Just want to say thanks for your step through of the process. The process is the same for uploading the firmware to the WLC, you only need to swap out the filename for either the FUS firmware or WLC firmware. The AP Image bundle is then written to flash, After a few minutes you should see a successful message, You can now verify this image by using the CLI, SSH to your controller and issue the command show boot Solved: Hi, I think to upgrade the version of the controller, the current version is Its mandatory to have at least FUS 1.7 when on 7.2 or 7.3. I just want to make sure that I am understanding this properly. As the table i can just upgrade software to from 7.4.x, 7.6.x and 8.0.1.x. An in-service upgrade … ... Cisco 2504/5508 Series Wireless LAN Controllers Your email address will not be published. endobj (Cisco Controller) > transfer download mode tftp (can use ftp as well) Thanks, endobj You will need a TFTP server running, I am using TFTPD32 running locally on my laptop. Im going from to <>/Subtype/Link/C[0 0 1]/Border[0 0 0]/Rect[36 525.7 272.08 537.7]>> If i don't have these softwares, i can't upgrade my software directly to And which one suitable for me? <>/Subtype/Link/C[0 0 1]/Border[0 0 0]/Rect[36 660.77 106.02 672.77]>> 7 0 obj This process is basically the quickest way to reboot everything as if you just reboot the WLC the AP’s will sit there waiting and when they realise the WLC code has upgraded will then reload. 1 0 obj did you connect your laptop directly to wlc? It is the birthday of Cisco Catalyst 8500 Series Edge Platforms – one of the most powerful purpose-built SD-WAN Edge platforms ever, making up to 60Gbps throughput... to 12 0 obj SSH into the controller and issue the command config ap image predownload primary all, This will push the primary image ( to all APs – This process may take some time depending on how many AP’s you have, You can monitor the progress with the command show ap image all, Currently all APs are on the current version. This guide will go through the process to upgrade a pair of 5508 WLC’s configured in HA setup and connected back to back with RP port.