What are the Best Crappie Landing Nets to Buy? It's gonna put you in on chance for the three bags base from Crappie Monster Prize pack and you heard me talking about it here a few minutes ago. or. The flexible pole is tough enough to withstand the weight of crappies in the bag. … Lew's. Get Uptodate Discount Code, deals and offers | Crappie Monster Exclusions may apply. Not Now. It takes no sweat to bring what you want home by investing a smaller amount of money. Save 5% Off savings on deal items Best sellers at bargaining prices now! Nets with multiple foldable options are also easier to store and carry around. Mega Grub collections from $3.49 Don't miss this deal! Mega Grub collections from $3.49 Don't miss this deal! Overall, you need a crappie net that can be adjusted to varying lengths. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Landing the crappies can be done countless times without any loss because of the large sized net mesh. MORE+, It takes no sweat to bring what you want home by investing a smaller amount of money. The Wakeman fishing net has flexible features which make it a good choice for experienced and amateur crappie hunters. Its knotless nylon mesh bag has a flat base to help the user land more crappies easily. Lew's. Time is limited, please hurry up! Do you find that sometimes, just when you think you've got one on the line, the crappie spits out the bait before you get the hook set? The fishing net is made from high-quality nylon which prevents tangling or damage to the scales on the landed crappies. It has a telescoping pole handle that can extend to over 100 inches which gives the user a far reach. Two Zebco Authentic Series 202 spincast Combo, One Outlaw Crappie Monster Net Rod, {{crowd_bidder && crowd_bidder == item.high_bidder ? Confrim the Crappie Monster items you want as well as the numbers and colors, and then just put them to your cart. The Outlaw is the perfect net for spider rigging or snipping bogies with the live scope being adjustable. With a 145 boat field, perfect weather, and the best Crappie Anglers in the world, something was going to give, and at the Crappie Masters … Continue reading Carlile And Nichols Close Deal And Claim Crappie Masters National Championship. account in Hotdeals Gold. The collapsible net is made from high-quality nylon, which prevents tangling with the hooks or the scales on the crappie. 50 Gold have arrived in your account. Bait Bar & Accessory Holder . Enter your email to recover your password. Carlyle, IL 62231 (618)-594-4818 Just Add Water. It is easy to set up, and the foldable design makes it convenient to store this crappie fishing net. You can make the best out of the peak crappie fishing season with fishing nets that have a good telescopic handle, a conveniently sized hoop and the use of adequate materials to give the handle a good grip. Have a question? Mounts, Live Sweep, Rod Holder/Racks Corn Field Crappie Gear. It has an elastic cord attached to the plastic handle. Lures . 25% OFF at Crappie Monster is accessible to everyone. 9) The Frabill Power Stow Crappie Fishing net. The bag has a flat base and a depth of 16” to hold more crappies during the peak crappie fishing season; the fine mesh prevents tangling with treble hooks. The fishing net can hold all sizes of crappies in the 12”; it is made from black colored nylon mesh which prevents tangling with the hooks. The Classic Outlaw is the original Outlaw Crappie pole, available in the most sizes for whatever your fishing application! The small-sized holes reduce tangling with the hooks and easy removal of the crappies that have been caught. Small Fry from $3.49 @ Crappie Monster. I'm telling you right now, but we've got the silicon net bag. Best Crappie Landing Net & Best Crappie Net. Crappie Monster has a stock of a wide range of Home & Garden items at an unbeatable price. Rod's, Reels & Combo. special offers will email to their members before some holiday season. With this net, you do not have to consider the species of crappies to fit in because the rubber bag has a flat base that can accommodate all sizes of crappies. It also makes an excellent trolling rod for the serious riggers!