Digimon Battle Launches", "Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters 3DS Game's Video Reveals December Release", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_Digimon_video_games&oldid=985336810#Mobile_Games, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Digital pet and role-playing game based loosely on Bandai's, Sold approximately 250,000 copies in Japan by February 2000, Sold 126,444 copies in Japan by September 2000, Sold 5,022 copies in Japan in its first week of release, Sold 8,892 copies in Japan in the first week of its release, Plot follows the characters Junior, Teddy, and Ivy, three friends who compete in the fictional, Plot follows a boy or girl who is absorbed through a computer into the Digital World while researching Digimon online, Allows players to manage Digimon outside the party on "Digi-Farm" locations in which the creatures gain experience and relieve stress, Dungeon crawling-based role-playing games created as sequels to, Plots maintain that a virus has entered the Digital World and disrupted connections between, Sold 35,752 copies in its first four days of release, Sold 34,142 copies in Japan in its first three weeks of release, Sold 14,459 copies in Japan in its first day of release, Sold 3,821 copies in Japan in its first week of release, Sold 12,884 copies in Japan in its first week of release, Role-playing game that serves as a tie-in to the, Plot holds that an "unknown Digimon" is born at the corner of the Digital World and begins to terrorize that world as well as a fictional version of, Release on the Game Boy Advance solidified the demise of, Sold 25,296 copies in Japan in its first two weeks of release, Pits 24 different Digimon from the anime against each other, Sold 20,255 copies in Japan in its first week of release, Requires the unsuccessful "Kids Station" peripheral, Free online-based MMORPG with a plot drawn from the, Contains approximately 352 species of Digimon, Published in the People's Republic of China by, Service terminated in English on April 25, 2013. « Ce n'est pas nécessaire de dire aux fans de, Kōhen: Chōzetsu Shinka!! He and Angewomon are partners and they compliment each other's powers well. Angemon is an Angel Digimon whose name and design are derived from the mythological Angel. Another Apemon was a member of Silphymon's rebel Digimon group. Debut Trailer. Recovers 300HP for 3 adjacent Digimon Defense +23 Speed +5 Earth Defense +30 Pour les fans de RPG qui attendent un nouveau jeu, essayez d'acheter le premier jeu Digimon World sur DS et vous serez à l'aise avec Dawn/Dusk[8]. Attack +13 Critical +3% Cost: 12bit, Anti-Poison D Cost: 32bit, Anti-Paralyze T Airdramon digivolves from Monodramon and digivolves to Megadramon. Later on, Angemon and Angewomon Digivolved to their Mega forms of Seraphimon and Magnadramon to release the Golden Digi-Eggs. In the English dub his name was pronounced "Koe-El-a-Mon". Defense +31 Speed +11 Evasion +3% Wind Defense +40 His card can also be obtained, and is Yellow, making him of the Rare type. Digi-Cure 150S Recovers 150HP for 1 Digimon Cost: 20bit Digi-Cure 150D Recovers 150HP for 2 adjacent Digimon Cost: 40bit Digi-Cure 150T … An Angemon was seen fighting a Devimon at the Battle Stage in the Net Game World. Bakemon appears as an opponent in the game. Gameplay focuses on battles between Digimon, with Tamers present or otherwise.

1200 Bit, Level 20 6500 Bit, Level 40 He unconditionally obeys those he swears loyalty to. Ankylomon is one of the opponents in Igloo City's Extra Arena. 0:59. In order to defeat Leomon, his right arm seems to have become huge. Defense +33 Spirit +14 Light Defense +40 He appears to wear a Holy Ring on his left index finger. Recovers all HP and MP, and cures all status ailments for 1 Digimon It is said this Digimon is close to God, because he has a wise personality even though he goes into a rage sometimes. Aquilamon digivolves from Hawkmon, and can DNA Digivolve with Gatomon to form Silphymon. Centarumon is an Animal Digimon (Beast Man Digimon in Japan) that resembles a centaur with exhaust pipes in his human back and wearing a helmet that shows his one eye.

The games have been released for a variety of home and handheld game consoles such as the PlayStation, the Nintendo DS and Bandai's own WonderSwan. Cures Sleep for 3 adjacent Digimon The male Burgermon Champion may also have a moustache and the female Burgermon Champion may have longer hair. Recovers 80MP for 2 adjacent Digimon Developed by Chengdu Momo Technology Company Limited.