I understand the backlash and fuss and even agree but at the same time the whole "___ doesn't deserve ___" is starting to get old to me. The third was a mess but I like the idea that maybe J2 was going to go with which I thought was that not all gay folks are "soft" and gay folks can be hood, can be tough and can knock mf out if needed, I think that angle would be great but he couldn't finish it. Cortez vs Tech 9 (5-18-2013) (Vaulted) Math Hoffa & Cortez vs Aye Verb & Yung Ill (3-25-2016)

It was a mess. Cortez vs Head I.C.E. Drugz vs Ars would look like John John vs Jakkboy, and we don't need a ton of battles like that.

Heat vs DRUGZ. I'm all for it but no handicap or bitch ass rules of "Oh you can't say this or that" it's bars. I am aware the thing is, Drugz hasn’t done enough like at all. I want to see smaller names given a shot, but not Drugz. This rapper has no upcoming battles scheduled. Head I.C.E. Battles get booked based on finances and marketability. 08/20/2016. B-Magic vs Cortez (10-30-2016) (Vaulted) Franchise vs Cortez (7-30-2016) Wtf URL what’s next. Also, I'm kind of just pissed that it's Drugz in this case. VerseTracker does not own any of the sampled art or music used on this site and is solely a venue to display and promote said art and music. Homi Hom vs Cortez (2008) (Vaulted) Lance vs Cortez (2008) (Vaulted)

Below is a list of all of Cortez’s Jesus battle rap's community is so fucking backwards, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Discussion, Battles and Media for the international battlerap community, Press J to jump to the feed.

Cee Major vs Cortez (11-14-2015) Complex vs Cortez (9-30-2008^) J2's 3rd got awkward and cringey n so weird right?

Drugz and Truth Watson clash in a solid one-rounder, with a controversial ending. Ars vs Drugz from the APP. Below is a list of all of Cortez’s battles in chronological order: Cortez vs Buttah From The Block (11-25-2018) Cortez vs Swave Sevah (10-27-2010) (Vaulted) 09/17/2016. Arsonal's experience, would murder Drugz. mike p said he thought drugz was tew talented dude and he wanted to give him a shot on url instead of drugz taking battles on small leagues, Battle rap fans have to make up their mind.....first they want newer talent to get a shot, but then get mad and say somebody doesn’t deserve somebody if the shot isn’t given to one of their favorites, Honestly Drugz put in a lot of work compared to the current crop of newer talent, let him get a chance to make a name for himself....if both come prepared this can be a fire battle. 10/20/2019. Battle rap is hetero male dominated with the exclusion of QOTR obviously, plus I dont know about any other leagues with battlers being openly gay. I like the "if they die they die" mindest. Dot vs Cortez (12-10-2016) Cortez vs. JC (7-19-2019) He dang near battler everyone. Thanks for the heads up. I mean at this point we need new battles with fresh faces... New talent has to be found and the new dudes need to develop. It was a mess. Cortez vs Drugz (8-7-2016) J2 didnt even get his 3rd off. Cortez vs Jazzy Tech (12-27-2008^) We're great stewards of our readers' contact information and won't share your info with anyone. Cortez vs Jai 400 Block (2-28-2016) Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Arkaic vs Cortez (11-15-2015) DRUGZ vs Zig Zag. Cortez vs Patron (3-10-2018) Nu Jerzey Twork & Drugz is a battle rapper. Thank you. DRUGZ. At some point the vets are just going to be in a constant loop of battling themselves if we don't give new dudes a chance. Known for his polished delivery, his intense work ethic and constant underdog status. Marvwon vs Cortez (9-26-2010) Don't care if he's gay or str8 as long as he is STRAPPED IN. It was weird to watch. 12/06/2016. I think he meant the word "molestation" . SMACK/ URL's Proving Grounds is back with two more talented MC's looking to make it SMACK/ URL's big stage. Cortez vs Metta (8-26-2012) Are people aware they have the option to not watch battles they don’t find interesting? Ward (2-3-2018) Wednesday September 21, 2016 at 12:48PM PST, Saturday September 17, 2016 at 03:17PM PST. 12.9k Followers, 1,000 Following, 16 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Battle Rapper Rx (@pretty_reecee) Gates of the Garden presents: Drugz vs. Zay Smoove. Get the latest news, battles, and lyrics daily in your email inbox. Body Bag Battle League. QP roasted him, but it put a spotlight on him. Right before that he said something like "homosexuality of a form of molestation" which makes zero fucking sense.

The battle was a mess, Goonies were clearly uncomfortable, a progressive move by GOTG but I feel Drugz shouldn't of taken this battle. At this point I'm starting to feel like fuck it, why not give the upcoming guys the plates? I want a good competitive battle with a good back and forth. Controversial one rounder that ends with the altercation between Drugz and Tay Roc. Look at some of the battles from Rookies vs Vets or Ganik V Gully II. Arsonal vs Cortez (8-26-2016) Average Views 74,903. 05/07/2016. Cortez vs Cortext (11-25-2017) X-Factor vs Cortez (10-31-2009) Rapper Cardi B has admitted that she used to drug and rob men in the past to pay bills, and one of her victims has now been revealed to be the late rapper Chinx Drugz.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Below is a list of all of Cortez’s Great idea, lets put arsonal up against a gay rapper, the outrage would hit mainstream media BLACK GANGMEMBER WITH DREADS VERBALLY ABUSES POOR HOMOSEXUAL VICTIM.. we moving up in the world, Pat Stay battled noshame a trasgender on botz. Let's be real here, IllMac, Charron and Ars are top-tier. Cortez vs Cyssero (9-27-2015) I want to see smaller names given a shot, but not Drugz. Chaos vs DRUGZ. Cortez vs O-Red (3-31-2018) Nu Jerzey Twork & Drugz vs. Ian B & So Severe. Brixx Belvedere vs Cortez (10-10-2015) Veteran battle rapper and MC from Brooklyn, New York. Michael Persaud, better known by his stage name Montana Millz, and an unnamed female accomplice allegedly sold heroin to … Arsonal's experience, would murder Drugz. Cortez vs Saint Mic (3-16-2019) Truth Watson. The problem is, I don't want to watch a vicious murder. battle. Math Hoffa & Cortez vs Ill Will & Rum Nitty (6-24-2017) Just good fun, and a good battle.

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All the hand gestures and affection he has is cool to me. Battle rap fans are never satisfied.

It appears you currently do not have javascript enabled while browsing our site. It was a great battle. 40 Cal vs. Cortez (4-9-2020)#

In news that may surprise no one, the rapper behind the song “Sell Drugz” has been arrested and charged with selling drugs. I know lgbtq go through alot of slander and struggle being openly gay and being in battle rap puts you on the pedestal for all insults. So I just watched it and I think that it was only hard to watch cause the crowd was being fucking immature about it. Like DRUGZ and J2 seemed mostly mature about this stuff like DRUGZ second and first were better than J2 rounds but the third was a mess cause of the crowd. im sure on champion? Total Battles 3. Cortez vs Soul Khan (7-12-2009^) Y’all are acting like Ars has ever been picky about his battles. URL wants to push Drugz. Watch this rap battle and explore more from Gates of the Garden on VerseTracker. Kay M vs Cortez (1-9-2009^) Some of these vets have 10 years experience putting on good battles on big stages. Especially when people like Mike P and Jerry Wess need bigger shots. Capital Battle Grounds presents: Drugz vs. Murdock. Rum Nitty vs. Cortez (6-20-2020) how else are new guys gonna become stars if they only battle on small leagues or have all their shit stuck in the vault??? Cortez vs Prez Mafia (6-11-2017) Will have to see this battle and come back and give my opinions. Cortez vs Danja Zone (10-4-2014) Cortez & Ms. Get the latest news, battles, and lyrics daily in your email inbox.

Fit vs. Geechi Gotti & Coffee Brown (1-11-2020) For more information, please visit our Patreon page. Cortez vs. Metaphor (6-23-2019)

Th3 Saga vs. Cortez (5-18-2020)# Cortez vs Spoke In Wordz (9-12-2014) Caustic vs Cortez (10-13-2013) Latest Video.

We need battles that are a little more equal. Can't wait for Don Marino vs. Lux, gonna be a classic, tough matchup for Lux tho. B. Look at some of the battles from Rookies vs Vets or Ganik V Gully II. League Of Champions. I dont think most of the vets would of gone up against J2. For more information, please visit our Patreon page. Or Geechi.