Ron Ross May 16th, 2020. You paid for dinner last time. %���� I can eat almost anything really, but I used to be a fussy eater when I was a kid. I enjoy having a slap-up meal after a long stressful day because it makes me feel so happy and satisfied and forget about all the He must have worked up an appetite in the gym. I like to order a pizza after work and scarf the whole pizza down. IELTS Speaking Guide. Fussy eater: someone who is very picky about the food and doesn't eat everything, Home-made meal: food cooked at home, usually implies that food is healthy, Quick snack: food eaten between regular meals. We’re dining out tonight. I adore pasta, pizza and Italian cuisine in general. I’m dying of hunger! I also like to I really enjoy poultry because they are so tasty and rich in flavour. In the sections below you'll find reading materials, vocabulary lists and fun quizzes to help you learn lots of new words and phrases about food, cooking and eating out. %PDF-1.7 you will be more likely to get a 7 or higher band score. -�m �û�|=��$���Ƴ�OnV�� ;�ck �� >dB0����D�2��#�n�wMg���Of`ר�* �*O�x�À�h8&���[)�Y��d^b�S8�%�|�a�����V��1`'$��91p���32C��?�3ߚ �� }�/�4o^��m�JX�Cާ�=��W��╜'¼����%��^�1!�k�D�H���H��āy)��D��پ��g�|neƒ�{����m�Q�`J'Z�5F�$?�„;�&O��_�d��7`*.�F� !�ݘo�Mj� �r. I won’t eat the whole cake, just let me grab a bite to eat. She’s so ​thin, ​yet she ​eats like a ​horse. and then I binge on food like there is no tomorrow. Can you name all the vegetables in the picture below? After working all day, I had a ravenous appetite. To have a sweet tooth: to enjoy sugary food. By learning this vocabulary and using it to answer various questions about Food on IELTS Speaking test, you will achieve a high score. I think that cooking is more of a chore than a pleasure. worked up an appetite, so I feel really hungry and then I All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. IELTS Tutor will help you achieve your target score with 1500+ IELTS practice questions. You can find IELTS speaking questions and samples answers below the video. IELTS Food Vocabulary Topic Vocabulary >> Lesson 5: Food The topic of food often comes up in the IELTS Speaking exam. Are there any types of food you don’t like? A nutritious breakfast is a great way to start the day, as it gives your body the nutrients and you get enough energy. It is much healthier to eat organic food. I really enjoy chinese cuisine and try to get it as much as possible, To eat a balanced diet: to eat the correct types and amounts of food. We’re dining in tonight. grading and feedback on Speaking and Writing. 1 0 obj I’m going to ring the Japanese restaurant and order a takeaway. Eating quick snack instead of main meal can be harmful for stomach. I work hard - so hard that I forget to eat at times - and at the end of the day, I usually realise that I have This post will introduce you to lot of higher-level vocabulary related to the topic of food. I don’t like food with strong flavor. Yes! wine and dine with my girlfriend on Friday night to enjoy our time together. So, what else you should look for in vocabulary for IELTS to achieve your desired band. John couldn’t restrain his hunger anymore and went to the nearest fast-food restaurant. but sometimes all restaurants are closed and all I can get hold of is italian cuisine, which is fine, too. I try to eat a little bit at a time, but sometimes I can’t help but eat like a horse and take a long nap. dine out: dine at a restaurant. Let me foot the bill for lunch today. fussy eater: someone who is very picky about the food and doesn’t eat everything. I really enjoy eating indian cuisine because I think indian cuisine is fit for a king. Check out our NEW IELTS prep online learning tool called IELTS Tutor. A ready meal is a prepackaged, fresh or frozen meal that only requires heating before being served. endobj He must have a sweet tooth. Check out our YouTube channel for more IELTS preparation videosBestMyTest on YouTube, © 2020 Zebra Education Inc. Dave eats candy all the time. thanksgiving at my grandmother’s house because my grandmother’s cooking is divine. I first thought those strawberries were too expensive, but when I tasted them I understood that their quality justified the bill. I try to eat a balanced diet so I am healthy and strong. I am a very busy person and eating isn’t very important to me, so in the middle of my work day, I might grab a bite to eat,