The full service drop-off sites also accept all of the recyclables that are collected from Omaha’s curbside collection program. You can toss that in recycling. Those that get there before you could have been collecting for months and months and can take quite a while to go through their collections. • Windows, shower doors, table tops (frames/hardware removed), • Cardboard, boxes, trash bags Glass Recycling Challenges . Omaha Municipal Code, Chapter 34, ARTICLE I, Section 4. In October, we got 85.69 tons, which was doubled from the month before,” says Grabowsky. A portion of the glass will be transported to a glass processing plant in Wilson, NC to be made into new glass products. • Ceramics 10001 Kanis Blvd Little Rock, AR 72205. California Redemption Value is paid on the following types of beverages: Coffee, tea, soft drinks, sports drinks, carbonated and non-carbonated water, and beer. By The Purple Can Club is a regional partnership between Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax and Prince William counties, as well as the town of Vienna. • Drinking vessels (pint, wine, mason jars) You can’t, however, throw it into your blue bin for curbside pickup like your paper and plastic waste, a change that took effect across the region in August. This post originally appeared in our January 2020 print issue. All glass bottles and jars (green, amber, clear) whole and broken bottles and jars can be recycled. Saturday: 8AM – NOON, Winter. Please enable JavaScript in your browser for a better user experience. 2019 © City of Omaha Environmental Services Department. Northeast: Solid Waste Main Office. One of the glass only drop-off sites is directly sponsored by Ripple Glass and the local business district. • Porcelain, Ceramic & Milk Glass • Pyrex & Corning ware Find the closest glass recycling center near you. The full service drop-off sites also accept all of the recyclables that are collected from Omaha’s curbside collection program. The global recycling market has experienced tremendous pressure over the last few years, and municipalities across the country are changing their handling of glass recycling, which has become both difficult to recycle and a significant expense. Holly Gambrell January 3, 2020. Keep Omaha Beautiful Inc, and Ripple Glass of Kansas City, worked with the City of Omaha to start the two new sites. OR Visit to find a glass bank in your area. During the session, we will discuss the do’s and don’ts for recycling, the environmental and economic benefits to recycling and answer your recycling questions. Corelle) For example, recycling just one glass bottle saves enough energy to power your computer for a half hour, or keep a light bulb lit for 4 hours. Glass bottles and jars may be recycled at any of the Omaha drop-off sites. They must be empty, washed of any food waste and dry. - No miscellaneous glass items, such as ceramics, porcelain, windows, Pyrex, mirrors or glass sheets. Copyright © 2020 Northern Virginia Magazine. “We had to separate the glass in order to get it really recycled, and that’s why we started the Purple Can Club,” says Erik Grabowsky, chief of Solid Waste Bureau in Arlington County government’s Department of Environmental Services. So, remember to separate them before taking them to a local recycle facility for money. Located behind the City of LR Northwest Police Substation. • Windshields & Laminated Glass Website Design by Granicus - Connecting People and Government. It also helps to conserve natural resources; for every ton of glass recycled, a ton of these resources are saved. Another glass collection site has been opened. Before running down to the closest recycling center or dumping all your glass items in the curbside bin it is important to know which glass items can and cannot be recycled. Once you get a decent amount, take it on down to the nearest glass recycling center near you. The drop-off centers are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. • Windows Windshields and safety glass have been treated with special coating so they do not shatter. “Arlington is doing much better than the norm (15-25% contamination) and it allows us to manage our recyclables differently. “Through that handling process, evidently, glass breaks. Wine bottles can absolutely be recycled. Information: email, 703-385-7816. Once you get a decent amount saved up, toss them in your car and hustle on over to a glass recycling center near you. If you receive refuse and recycling services from a provider other than the City of Fairfax Public Works Department, please check with your provider regarding glass collection.