Real Talk Every Week with GODFREY on In Godfrey We Trust. You may remember last year we worked with basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal and his good friend Godfrey the Comedian to fight binge drinking on the campuses at Historically Black Colleges and Universities across the country. Steve Honig, Other Works Most notable was his improvised scene as business manager "Sidney Bernstein" in the hit sequel, Beverly Hills Cop II (1987), for which the New York Daily News said that "Gilbert Gottfried steals the picture with a single scene". Yesterday, Godfrey joined us again to do a live standup routine to students on the campus of Hampton University in Virginia as part of their alcohol awareness activities . ("The Curse of the Snitkins"), The Dick Van Dyke Show ("The Man From My Uncle"), I Spy ("Court of the Lion"), The Monkees ("It's a Nice Place to Visit"), and Police Story ("Year of the Dragon"). I would show up at a party for Al-Queda if you said there's going to be a dinner. 1 talking about this. Endless impressions, two white producers, and all of human history are at Godfrey's command. Godfrey brought down the house with his jokes and the students and faculty alike enjoyed his visit and couldn’t stop talking about the event. Gottfried recently appeared in the hit comedy documentary, The Aristocrats (2005), with Entertainment Weekly saying that "out of the 101 comedians who appear on screen, no one is funnier - or more disgusting - than Gilbert Gottfried". He doesn't show up in family films and high-profile comedies as much as he did, say, 30 years ago, but it doesn't mean Gilbert Gottfried isn't keeping busy. You neutralize this kind. Godfrey's memorable film roles include The Last Angry Man (1959), in which he played a character called "Nobody Home", The President's Analyst (1967), where he plays a depressed government agent, and Watermelon Man (1970), in which he played the lead character, a white bigot who one day wakes up and discovers his skin color has turned black. Get our news straight to your inbox. |  When Microsoft came out with XP and decided to discontinue Clippy, the paperclip office assistant, they did a series of online clips about Clippy's reaction to this. You have been redirected to because you entered a date below the legal drinking age in the U.S. Join us in starting a lifetime of conversations around alcohol responsibility – keep reading to learn more. His signature voice can be heard in several commercials, cartoons and movies, including the frustrated duck in the AFLAC Insurance commercials. [on his firing from the voice of the Aflac duck] It gives me a sentimental feeling about the old lynch mobs. Education: Hofstra College (attended), City College of New York (attended) Occupation: Actor, stand-up comedian: Notable work.