Of course, China itself is a historically difficult place to fight, due to its mountainous landscape and poor infrastructure. You can definitely take out the SU, if feeling up to it, but DO NOT go to war with the allies. its basicly easy mode once you get the strategy down.

At the start of the game, convert all your troops to the reserve template, freeing up equipment giving you more divisions to invade Shanxi and Xibei San Ma (24 divisions works well). Always take the truce and the united front so you can gobble up their territory. Would love your thoughts, please comment.

use air NF path to rush Fighter II production and get that going (before, build up 40-50 transports with the factories you get out of invading manchukuo. Prioritize equipping the training infantry, deploy as soon as possible (seems to go in groups of 4), and your 24 barely trained divisions can still take on Xibei San Ma before the end of 1936.
Unlike major nations in my previous guides, free trade should be avoided as Communist China simply lacks the resources until it fully reclaims the entirety of China. Today I will be look at China with the Waking the Tiger DLC. You are surrounded by Yunnan, The Guanxi Clique, Xibei San Ma, Shanxi, TIbet, The British Raj, Mengkukuo, Manchukuo, Japan, and Communist China.
Take Hiroshima and then quickly begin advancing to set up defensive lines and isolate Japanese divisions. But like that coffee stain on your carpet, you will have to be persistant. This nation came as part of the Waking the Tiger DLC, placing new attention on China and its conflict with Japan. Ban the Opium Trade, as stability will increase – essential to industrial output. Deployment: Convert all divisions to the 6 battalion design, and move them all to the Communist China Border. I think it depends on your preference. Focus on beefing up your existing divisions right now, versus making new ones. The Sun is Reddest, Chairman Mao is Dearest. By 1942, Axis powers will be gone and Natty China will have lost a ton of its territory to you through province flipping, bring your troops back home and prepare to finish them off. A place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about the grand strategy game Hearts of Iron IV by Paradox Development Studio. Hoi4 Country Review: China. The developers at Paradox took this into account when creating the nation, providing players with some horrid traits that greatly impact your military, industry, war support, stability, and political power. Don’t fret! Please enter your username or email address. everyone else goes on the riverline. The 3 factory loss is worth the far better defensive position. All rights reserved. 7- Do the same to Shanxi (should take 360 days to justify). It's time to counter attack. Of course, here a Mao music montage that will further increase the strength of your coup: The Sun is Reddest, Chairman Mao is DearestWatch this video on YouTube This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. also request divisions from the warlords! The advantage here is that you can begin building the Korean airbase you will need earlier. Now, the time has come for you to fight for the Communist China in Hearts of Iron – for Chairman Mao! 13- After a nice, disastrous, invasion of China (give them a port, let them reinforce, pinch and destroy)- invade Southern japan.

Mass Assault is a shite doctrine path, and really only serves the Soviet Union, for the reasons mentioned above (low tech+high production). I've seen a decent amount of guides for Nationalist China, and for the most part I haven't been impressed by them, so here is my general guide to playing Nationalist China. Instead, bide your time and join the United Chinese Front attempting to cut the Japanese front into two halves. Obviously, the biggest downfall for Communist China is the lack of industry and military prowess in comparison to neighboring states like Japan and China. If you converted some infantry divisions, paradrop them in as reinforcements. Tech up Fighter 1-, and consider using air doctrine national focus tree to get the 50% on fighter II, you are going to need them. It will require good micro, but you should do fine as long as you take an active engagement in what's going on and take advantage of openings. Try these top FUT Champs tips that help any style of play excel if you can't break through to that next rank in FUT Champs. Get the infantry support equipment upgrades if you feel like it.

Don’t stress! It is only visible to you. If Chi-Coms offer expeditionary forces, take them and use them to garrison the mountainous river line in their territory.

Ok like how you find road to 56 China easy, the defuff is way worse, and damages ur org, planning, and entrenchment.

4- Exercise your troops, you need to win at the point of attack.

This list below shows the focuses you ‘should’ do first: Communist China have some great choice when it comes to spending your political power, with an order of prioritisation again being required. Pockets will naturally form as enemy divisions are pushed together and stay longer, while others fall back. I’ve played Communist China frequently finding them enjoyable, but difficult. Japan has decided it would be more fun to start shooting istelf then to conquer the Pacific. 12- See above for the Manchuria and Japan strat. I've seen a decent amount of guides for Nationalist China, and for the most part I haven't been impressed by them, so here is my general guide to playing Nationalist China. Infantry: 9 divisions, support artillery, recon company, and an engineer company (though not as important). Created by.