She stayed there all day and flew away around 10 pm. I brought her inside and noticed that some grass and 3 eggs are stuck to her side, she also laid 8 eggs within the first hour. I am going to have to switch back to sweetgum. It has had a home in our office since August, and we just recently realized that it hatched…. For instants, my mourning cloaks LOVED willow even though I had not originally started to raise them on it. Try propping open the lid a bit My Polyphemus moth female hatched today can i release her I live near chicago? I kept the eggs in a small tuba wear container to keep moisture out, and once I noticed they hatched I put two maple leaves inside. My friend recently found prometheus moth eggs. It may overwinter or it may emerge, pair, and its offspring overwinter. (I know that with praying mantids you can keep the egg case in the fridge to delay hatching)- might this be possible with polyphemus cocoons? Males can fly for miles to reach a female. I’m not sure what kind of moth it is but its a bit small and light brown with dark brown and goldish stripes on its wings. shes cool, I have her now on day 2 outside, hoping to attract a mate, but it has been raining for now two days. Indiana resident. Eggs can take up to 3 weeks from the date they’re laid to emerge, so I wouldn’t worry if it hasn’t been that long yet. It’s inside my house right now and I read that it’s not going to hatch until next spring (it said may). Hi! And if so what should I put them in and how do I care for them? How long will they mate. How long do you think until the caterpillar makes it’s cocoon? It’s more fun that way (and safer for the caterpillars)! we took six of them, and i was wondering if there is a way that i could tell if they are fertilized or not. I’m a bit worried… Hey there, Unfortunately there’s not much you can do other than wait. The environment has moisture and I even think I saw one drink a drop of H20 off of a leaf. Other healthy choice I have is Bees, and I prefer to leave them alone. My eggs all hatched and kept 6 caterpillars. What are my chances of finding a start in my yard. Is this ok? Pruning of trees and leaving outdoor lights on at night can also be detrimental to the moths. Any advice? So about 10 of them hatched and there really ugly haha but anyway what should i feed them? Parasitic insects – such as the parasitoid wasp – lay their eggs in or on the young caterpillars. A female eclosed the other day and attracted some males. I know a lot of people would just destroy the eggs, but the moth was just too beautiful for me to just kill its eggs. I was walking on the sidewalk and I noticed a very large caterpillar and I picked it up and I saw he was alive. I’d recommend keeping your caterpillars inside. I had put the eggs on grape leaves to hatch and have now given these babies fresh grape, cherry, maple and oak leaves. If you’re able to catch a female, chances are she has fertile eggs. I think adding the type of camera helps people who are interested in buying a new camera. [1] It is a tan-colored moth, with an average wingspan of 15 cm (6 in). I thought the male would have stayed with her all day. Notes: The moth was injured when it was found, for unknown reasons. I told him to put it in my box. I’m so sorry for it’s loss of life. I started to raise it on Sweetgum and then switched to another tree. I found my moth in late summer when it was a catipillier. most of the giant silk moths) can function just by keeping energy they had when they were in the larval stage. I have an acre of Oak trees in my yard. The eyespots give it its name – from the Greek myth of the cyclops Polyphemus. It will be a fun adventure, I can assure you! i don’t want it to die. (Bad Kitty brought me Polyphemus Moth) This morning 6 eggs hatched. We want to do the right thing for them. Where might she lay eggs and will she die afterwards. For many years, we have a a volunteer who collects 20-40 polyphemus cocoons and donates them to us. They will still hatch without her. It’s a female. Hello I recently cought a Polyphemus caterpillar and brought him inside and built a little enclosure. The eyespots give it its name – from the Greek myth of the cyclops Polyphemus. :) . Or is that not normal? Is there some way i can remove them amd transfer them without killing them. I also put in lots of sticks. I set her up in a terrarium with a similar habitat to her liking. The Polyphemus Moth is the most widespread silk moth in North America, ranging from Southern Canada, to all 48 of the continental United States. We were convinced a male could not find her… but he did. Even if the moths mated for only a short period of time, it’s quite likely that the eggs are fertile. What should I do? I'm not sure I knew what to make of it either at first glance! I assume she is slowly dying. I found a Polyphemus caterpillar outside yesterday and made a little habitat for it. This will be the 2nd generation I’ve raised this year and I want to raise them forever. There’s no harm in moving them sooner. I enjoy reading and responding to your comments (especially questions regarding moths), so please post away! The antennae look very large to me, more like the males. Thank you! They live long enough to find a mate to keep the species going. I then let them sit about a week and a half in a shot glass. Raising Polyphemus moths is an excellent, relatively low-maintenance hobby. Overnight he spun a caccoon on the ground and not on a branch, is this normal? I usually keep mine in a window between the screen and the glass so it remains outdoor temperatures. When I got into my house I put him into a butterfly container. I found a beautiful white moth with black specs on wings laying hurt on the sidewalk. From my dog playing with her, the wings became damaged. In my experience, when Polyphemus moths overwinter, they’ll generally hatch during sometime in late May or early June…perhaps a bit later since you are north of me. It lays flat, light-brown eggs on the leaves of a number of host plants, including: Betula (birch), Salix (willow), Quercus (oak), Acer (maple), Carya (hickory), Fagus (beech), Gleditsia triacanthos (honey locust), Juglans (walnut), Pyrus (pear and quince), Prunus (plum, peach, apricot, cherry, etc. It is funny, I am raising Mantis but to be able to do that, I need to learn and hopefully raise feeders such as moth to acomplish what I want. That they will be in their cocoons till next spring. It’s SO informative! I’d really like to raise these successfully. Do you think this room would work for this cause.? My daughters and I just found one of these beautiful creatures. If you have questions for me regarding moths, please post them here. So i live outside of shawnee ok and found a cecropia moth. Do you think they mated? He is currently out side in the jar the date is september 28th 2014. There was a monster in the closet of my 7 year old last night, which actually turned out to be this gorgeous moth in his bug cage on a book shelf next to his closet. His teacher collects moths. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Should I leave them in the plastic container (Theyre stuck down pretty hard with a brown sort of glue stuff, I only found a couple not-stuck down.)? She laid her eggs and we brought them inside…a week later they hatched! You can moisten the cocoon and that loosens the silk a little, making it easier to move. We put it into a container and a bunch of different leaves (wasn’t sure which ones it liked). i will be taking him home tonight so as soon as you can reply please do. The moths eclose and then must pump their wings with fluid (hemolymph) to extend them. Do you have any suggestions for food? I placed my female out last night, because I didn’t want her to injure herself and she stayed around my porch and layed more eggs. It’s still winter here. One got to her in less then 20 mins of me scooping them up and mated for 15hrs. Around after 10pm 7/30/13, both moths were in different locations in the bathroom (close proximity). (It was on the sidewalk, so I caught it in order to keep it from being stepped on.) My son took it to school a couple days later hoping that it would hatch in about 2 1/2 weeks like we read – but no such luck. Any suggestions would be helpful. Differentiating between sexes of this species is very easy. Is this normal? We have all kinds of trees and shrubs in our neighborhood (in Virginia) so I was wondering if you think we would be able to find another one (or more!) That means a lot! Hi, I just found a bunch of eggs from a moth that has been in my hallway for about 3 days now. well every time i call i don’t get an answer i really need help, Jenna, We are often out feeding caterpillars. If the moth laid eggs, they are most likely fertile. (The kind that zips up for kids to watch caterpillars go through phases) Both layed eggs every where but not sure if they had had any male visitors while we were watching… I’ve been keeping an eye on the eggs but nothing yet…. Should I do something different? Emma, that is actually just because of the lack of hairs on the knees, so it is just an exposed exoskeleton. Be sure to put it in some sort of an enclosure so birds and rodents can’t get to it. On Mon, Oct 14, 2013 at 12:01 PM, Breeding Polyphemus Moths.