Along with it, he even attacked a child just for bumping into him without hesitation, showing no remorse for the fact he could have killed the innocent and even stating he wanted him to learn the harsh realities of the world. Katasuke informed Kawaki that his prosthetic arm was not compatible with his body, but Kawaki said he wouldn't give up so easily. Muku | I really don't see a reason for him to turn on his own village of all places.

He took note of Boruto who seems to have the same marks as him before a member of Kara, Garō spotted him. With his power, he was able to defeat and kill Garō. Kawaki joins Naruto, Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki as they talk about the similarities between the Strength of a Hundred Seals (that Sakura Haruno and Tsunade have) and the Kama mark.

Boruto was angry that Kawaki broke Himawari's vase that she made for her mother Hinata. He took advantage of Amado being the one in charge and not Jigen. Madara Uchiha |

Kawaki's name translates to "dry" in English. Taka | Like..tbh this is so much bs i dont even know how much hair no jutsu ne trained to give his hair another structure. Naruto tells him that it is not necessary but Kawaki insists on looking for the last piece.

After the battle with Delta, Kawaki was taken to the hospital to treat his arm. Kawaki destroyed the Hidden Leaf Village reducing the village to nothing but rubble. Fodder team member gets in the way and gets hurt and he gets punished for it. Boruto and Kawaki used their Karma marks to enter the rift to find Naruto. Kawaki tears up realizing from Kurama that he has a some things in common with Naruto.

yes, their flesh fused and created a newborn child who got found by ordinary people and raised by them, he than inherited all of the insability sasuke had which explains his sudden "being a good guy" act ^_^ Loading editor . Wants vengeance for his grandfather in the mist arc and to beat up that gang, but he cant get either. Kawaki used his Karma to power up Boruto's rasengan, which destroyed much of Boro's body, but he regenerated. As Sarada asks Kawaki what is wrong, Kawaki is overcome with shock and horror at the realization that Naruto lost to and was likely killed by Jigen. Crimes Itachi Uchiha |

Toneri Ōtsutsuki | But honestly if it is the case this would be very very weird, Edit: Damn i have alot typos lol but to lazy to change it. Kidomaru | Kabuto Yakushi | However, Kawaki did seem to retain fractions of the man he became after he was adopted by Naruto, as he warned Boruto that if he fights him, he will send him to where he sent Naruto and Sasuke along with also indicating he didn't actually kill them but just banished them.
Type of Villain Powers/Skills As Kawaki watches in terror and shock over how Jigen had the capability to easily find him any time, Naruto attempts to confront Jigen but much to Kawaki's shock, Jigen easily defeated and immobilized him with his chakra rods. When Kawaki's arm reactivated, they realized Naruo was alive.

Teori pertama adalah mengatakan jika Kawaki merupakan Denki ataupun Iwabe yang merupakan teman masa kecil Boruto.

Karenbana | Zaku Abumi | Eventually, Kawaki began to warm up to others, even becoming interested in learning Ninjutsu and other forms of entertainment in Konoha, along with coming to admire Naruto's selflessness and ability to rise up despite having similar backgrounds to his own. His hair are long and most likely abit think judging by that one bit of hair comming down hat.

Reinkarnasi dari chakra ini telah ditetapkan, dan jika Kawaki memiliki kekuatan Sage of Six Paths, lawan yang logis dan sebanding adalah saudaranya, Boruto / Hamura.

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