Rumors eventually spread that the bridge collapse was connected to the Mothman in some way and that he could have been a warning or a dark premonition. She said the creature had a huge wingspan. Cameras and motion detectors were added to the site around the bridge to ward off intruders who, officials said, were hindering the investigation. "[115], An employee of the NTSB had written his doctoral thesis on possible failure scenarios of this specific bridge while he was a student at the nearby University of Minnesota. Some say sightings of this creature foretell impending disaster. The bird like creature of Chernobyl has drawn many similarities to the harbinger of the Silver Bridge collapse in Point Pleasant, West Virginia just 20 years before. When “French” came back the next day, he was still complaining about his stomach, so Butler gave him some Jell-O. [179]. Stay Curious! Once again, no Mothman was seen near the I-35W during the months leading up to the collapse of August 1st. The I-35W Bridge was not always known by that name. [71] Divers and Underwater Search Evidence Response Team from the FBI joined the response efforts on August 7, bringing with them truckloads of specialized equipment including FBI-provided side-scan sonar and two submarines. There are no explanations for the disappearances of these people, they just vanish. Vänskä himself attended the world premiere.[182]. The ceremony included reading the names of the 13 victims, followed by a moment of silence held at exactly 6:05 p.m., the time of the collapse four years prior. Recovery of deceased victims took over three weeks. Vehicles coming across the bridge experienced black ice and there was a major pile-up on the bridge on the northbound side. This review discovered that the original design process of the I-35W bridge led to a serious error in sizing some of the gusset plates in the main truss. Immediately upstream is the lock and dam at Saint Anthony Falls, where Minneapolis began. Their appearance offers no predatory, or survival/competitive features. These things have become known as the Fresno Nightcrawlers by most, but “walking pants” by others… including myself. Mothman, Silver Bridge Remembered After 35W Bridge Collapse, Paranormal Investigators Convene at Haunted Inn. Extra Metro Transit buses were added from park-and-ride locations in the northern suburbs during the rush hours. [170] Minnesotans held a minute of silence during National Night Out, on August 7, 2007, at 6:05 pm. The south abutment was northeast of the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome, and the north abutment was northwest of the University of Minnesota East Bank campus. 13 people died and 145 got injured. Its like something awful is going to happen." [10][11], The bridge was located in Minneapolis, Minnesota's largest city and connected the neighborhoods of Downtown East and Marcy-Holmes. It’s no wonder many people simply refuse to enter the forest. After the I-35W fell and I blogged the same night on the subject of the Silver Bridge, a few in the media acknowledged Cryptomundo and my mention of the “flashback” that naturally occurred. Zebulon Pike founded Fort Snelling (which became Minneapolis-St. Paul). [119] Although officials emphasized that the cause of the collapse had not yet been determined, Peters cautioned states to "remain mindful of the extra weight construction projects place on bridges". For the replacement bridge, see, Bridge 9340 in May 2006 (prior to collapse), Bridge as seen from above after the collapse, Impacts on business, traffic, and transportation funding. For example, if a ship hits a bridge, and the bridge comes down, that is pretty easy to figure out. That load was estimated at 578,000 pounds (262 tonnes), consisting of sand, water and vehicles. The earliest known disappearance was known to be a shepherd and his 200 sheep who never returned after entering the forest. On August 1, 2007 the I-35W bridge crossing the Mississippi River in Minnesota collapsed. In 1680, the falls became known to the rest of the world when they were observed by Father Louis Hennepin, a Catholic friar of Belgian birth, who also brought the existence of Niagara Falls to the world’s attention. The Greys are supposed aliens that have been seen by many abductees and eyewitnesses. However, the project was canceled in January 2007 in favor of periodic safety inspections, after engineers realized that drilling for the retrofitting would, in fact, weaken the bridge. The Minneapolis Police Department (MPD), Minnesota State Patrol and the University of Minnesota Police secured the area, MFD managed the ground operations, and HCSO was in charge of the water operation. [178] The design of the remembrance garden was created by Tom Oslund, alongside survivors and relatives of the victims.