This issue may be caused by a fault with the device or an issue with the internet connection. ?? However, if you want to watch Foxtel Go overseas you will need a suitable VPN (not all will work). @moxey25 If you’re having issues logging in to Foxtel GO we recommend using a different support page: Issues with Foxtel GO picture quality are normally caused by slow internet speed. Some free to air channels are working. If notifications are turned off in your device settings, you may be prompted by your device to allow or prevent notifications. Hey @foxtel u might want to work on customer service. @passerkirbius You may not be able to use certain features of the MyFoxtel app because you are not logged in, not the primary account holder or your account or set top box type restricts you from using and/or seeing these features. Not working on Kayo. By law, we are required to ask your consent to show the content that is normally displayed here. It says no Foxtel tv signal. It wouldve been easier to donate a kidney. Apple TV is worth the money with the Kayo app. No, due to our rights and licensing agreements, the MyFoxtel app can only be accessed within Australia. So it looks like instead of being able to buy I May Destroy You on Apple TV in Australia, FOXTEL requires I sign up to their service. If you need to make any changes to your Foxtel account while you’re overseas. That’s a hard no from me. All cables are in. @Telstra we are trying to order a new nbn service and a Foxtel package but no will take our call! Same login details as ever. So it looks like instead of being able to buy I May Destroy You on Apple TV in Australia, FOXTEL requires I sign up to their service. @foxtel_help @foxtel My Foxtel has not been working all day. @kayosports_help Why won't Kayo work with Foxtel now box from this weekend? @bionicgirlinoz @Flavour_A I, as a customer of over 10 years with a premier account, got nothing. Uninstall the Foxtel GO app and then re-install the latest version from the Google Play store or Apple App store. Hey @Foxtel @FOXTEL_Help - has your service been disrupted in Sydney? How many times do I have to say "I want to disconnect my service" to @Foxtel !!! Pls help! @Foxtel @FOXTEL_Help Hi there. Foxtel on Mobile is available on Telstra's Next G Network. Reboot your modem and Android mobile or tablet to refresh the internet connection, Step 1: Uninstall / reinstall the Foxtel Now app, Press the Home button twice to bring up all the active apps, Swipe the Foxtel Now app toward the top of the screento remove and close, Locate and hold down the Foxtel Now app icon until all icons begin to shake, Tap the X button on the top left corner of the icon, Select 'Delete' from the confirmation screen, Select download or click on the iCloud button to reinstall from iCloud, Remove the power cable from the back of the modem, wait 5 seconds, then reinsert the power cable, Wait for at least one minute before turning your iPhone or iPad off. my Foxtel app not working for future program recording. LIVE NOW: @NRLKnights forward Tim Glasby who has been forced to retire from the game due to ongoing concussion issues. Once you have logged into the app, you will be able to set up finger print recognition, to make it so easy to access your app on the fly. Restarting Foxtel GO will refresh the application. @mhfcbozza This should now be resolved - if you are still experiencing an issue, DM us., Via Customers for 13 years, have no idea why we pay for your “service”. What devices is the MyFoxtel app available on? Remote record allows you to set your iQ, iQ2, iQ3, iQ4 or MyStar set top box to record a show for you when you’re not at home. But I will not entertain her / FoxNews / Murdoch toxic ideas. @Foxtel That sucks. All I wanted was to change my package. Glad it wasn’t just me! Lost #RAW feed. Satellite problems? I can't get any foxtel channels. Same issues on Telstra tv 2, and desktop version, all devices updated. Note that this can lead to loss of data including contacts, passwords and photos so we only recommend trying this if you’re confident and have backed up your data. To pay your bill: You can change or update your direct debit details directly in the MyFoxtel app: You can view up to 24 months of previous statements in the MyFoxtel app: If you would like to add a channel to your package, you can do so through the MyFoxtel app: You can order or cancel an ordered Main Event through the MyFoxtel app. All cables are in. To log in to the MyFoxtel app for the first time, you will require your Foxtel ID. @catchellaAU Foxtel Now won't load on my Samsung Smart TV, Blu-Ray Player, or Home Theatre System Step 1: Perform a speed test Step 2: Reboot modem and device Step 3: Reset your Smarthub Step 4: Confirm your Ethernet cable is plugged in Step 5: Check for device updates You can change your preferences at any time whether you want to stop or start receiving notifications. @TCC14 Same login details as ever. hours on the phone. I don’t see it as an issue if you’re sharing the live broadcast rights like with Friday night and Sunday arvo footy. @erinbonnie @olygeorge_ #foxtel #ifeelkayoismyfuture #overfoxtel. Select the program you want to remote record. @kat_balou If the speed is below 3Mbps, you may need to contact your internet service provider. @strategicmark @FOXSportsAUS Kayo is about to get the boot if @Foxtel doesn’t get @MotoGP screening soon. Seems a little ridiculous. I've spent hours on chat, phone, tech visit and, yesterday afternoon you got me on to DM and told me you'll look into the matter. Are/were you experiencing an issue on Foxtel Go/Now? Works an absolute treat. There are no issues with the other channels, @BartholomewD Typical. @DavidSiroky1 @Foxtel I know right... and today with the rainy weather there is constant disruption to the signal. Are you going to resolve the issue? @NBN_Australia I’m in East Bentleigh. @Foxtel are there any problems in the Canberra region? @wickedcherub Oh no, there's different NBN technologies - yours is probably a fibre-optic system, mine runs on old Foxtel cable, it's known as HFC NBN. This may be a VPN or account issue. @Foxtel fix and he glitches with you have in with TLC. @Foxtel fix and he glitches with you have in with TLC. If your speed is below 7Mbps, note that multiple people using your WiFi network at once may slow down your network. To improve your picture quality: Note: Foxtel GO automatically streams in standard definition over mobile networks to save your mobile data. LIVE NOW: @NRLKnights forward Tim Glasby who has been forced to retire from the game due to ongoing concussion issues. Customers on basic subscriptions had extra channels at no cost during the first 3 months of COVID. To ensure that your internet speed is sufficient to run the Foxtel Now app, please complete a speed test. Same issues on Telstra tv 2, and desktop version, all devices updated. I am losing the will to live! i need help! @ThatAllUGot To fix this issue: If you’re still experiencing issues, you may need to try restoring your device to factory settings and re-installing the Foxtel GO app. @Foxtel can watch on demand shows now but still issues with live shows cheers, @FOXTEL_Help We can’t verify this when a VPN is being used. An app is not working on my TV. • @Foxtel says Telstra is responsible @PhillipCoorey Have cable to home via Foxtel cable and nbn. Swipe left or right to find Foxtel GO. Reply. @FOXSportsNews Have rebooted the box several times. I can't log into now. Once you are logged in, you can view up to 24 months of your bill history. If you’re using a VPN, we can’t verify that you’re in Australia. Is there a Foxtel outage presently in Adelaide's western suburbs? We now have no access to Vic News on ABC, just a dreadful national show. @Foxtel @FOXTEL_Help is there an issue with Foxtel Now not streaming to Apple TV? @FOXTEL_Help Right, I've not had a working #Foxtel service since Monday.