Repeat these steps until you do enough damage to active the next phase. Defeat Eve without getting knocked out. More posts from the NoStraightRoads community. Mayday, to Zuke Mayday is the guitarist of Bunk Bed Junction and one of the two protagonists of No Straight Roads. At any time, the androids can be attacked. [11] It was not until one day later that DK West has his character design revealed, and is the boss in game. "You're disrupting our music revolution, man! -> "Oh yeah~!" Affiliation "Troops!" He had seemingly lost many people in the war, and when he came home he wanted to create the same type of toys he had before. The battle begins with 1010 flirting with Mayday, who falls for it. However, it is postponed to be released for the PlayStation 4 and PC in early 2020, due to Metronomik's new partnership with Sold Out to have its digital release to be properly managed. Finally bring down his health here, and all it takes is one Showstopper to finally end him and 1010 off, even if Mayday is not entirely happy about doing it. Its attacks will depend on what color the roulette stops at: There is no action to White, nor does the roulette ever stop at White. Green: Neon J. will throw carpet bombs made from the Green android's hair in a small pattern. She continues to consider not fighting during the fight and wanting to spend time with 1010 instead, even to the point of apologizing during the Showstopper. Charter of Metro Division District They will attack as they did in the previous phase, but now without their shields lowering. Mayday is a massive fan of 1010, even being tricked by their flirtatious talking at the beginning of the battle. In harder difficulties, he aims straight for Mayday and Zuke. They're the third generation of 1010 models, made to be more human-like in appearance. Neon J first appeared after one of the 1010 members is destroyed, flying down on his factory and creating a new android (no matter which android was destroyed before, the new one will always be the white one). Developer Blue: Neon J. will do a spin attack with poles made from Blue androids, rotating the edge of the arena in a clockwise fashion, starting at the top-left. "As long as the flag of rhythm stands, I will keep on fighting!" She mysteriously disbanded from the group with no true evidence, leading to the decline of rock music. After a few firing lines, they'll be a diagonal formation then ordered to take "to the skies" and come crashing down in the opposite diagonal direction, temporarily losing their shields, making them open to attacks. He is fairly vocal, and seemingly enjoys talking about his war stories. Species The duo plan to start a music revolution against the dominance of NSR and its EDM music on Vinyl City by crashing their concerts and performances with the power of rock. = Shoot. For starters, Neon is the atomic 10th Element on the Periodic Table and J is the 10th letter in the alphabet. This trailer also announce a guest musician Masahiro "Godspeed" Aoki, who is known for creating music scores for the Sengoku Basara franchise, Astral Chain, Street Fighter V, and Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer: Comrades. "No more injustice! = Pose for the camera (Recharges sheilds). The destruction of the factory will remove all of the features of the 1010 robots. = Divebomb (Zig-zag Formation + Camera Lock). 1010 dance routines Publisher "Troops!" All 5 1010 members wear sailor suits, fitting the navy motif that Neon J and the stage emphasize. Place of Concert Male Occupation = Divebomb (Forward Slash Position). Full list of all 47 No Straight Roads achievements worth 1,000 gamerscore. They will perform a variety of actions during this phase: They will cycle through these for a while, until they perform a selfie. "Fire! I’ll give you full credit!! -> "Load and shoot~!" Now we need a black,purple, and pink 1010 member, pink could be a basic sword. Embark on a music-based action-adventure as indie rock band members Mayday \u0026 Zuke and lead a musical revolution against EDM empire No Straight Roads. Press J to jump to the feed. The red and green droids 'hair' resembles the number 10. Neon J. will then construct any destroyed 1010 members, making him open to be damaged by ranged attacks or Mayday's transformed objects. Action-adventure -> "Check, fire~!" 3. happy out of touch thursday from the 1010 boys (+neon j)! If the bosses were defeated in their final phase, Mayday and Zuke will perform a final blow on them, titled "Showstopper". With the creation of the studio Metronomik, No Straight Roads becomes its first project to be developed. [4], Later on September 11, 2019, the Japanese voice cast is available for No Straight Roads, including well-known Japanese voice actors Ayane Sakura and Jun Fukuyama. This might also be a reference to the fact that South Korean males are required to serve in the army for two years. No Straight Roads - 101 Trailer What is No Straight Roads? Battle Theme After being unfairly rejected in their audition to join No Straight Roads, Mayday \u0026 Zuke uncover the evil intentions behind the NSR empire. "Fire! vs. 1010 (EDM Version) (From "No Straight Roads") - YouTube This game looks so good, if only I could afford it anyways here big hot angry tree mom . Kakucho Purei's article about CD Projekt Red and Metronomik employees staying home to work. The battle takes place on a limo/ship flying incredibly fast down a highway. black can be a gas bomb (yellow but a lasting hitbox) and purple can be based of a fucking gun. No Straight Roads Launch Trailer PS4 Xbox One Nintendo Switch PC. Director(s) Biographical information 1010 is a boy band comprising of robots, megastars within NSR, and the charters of the Metro Division District who represents the funky house EDM genre. Instrument/Weapon A mural of 1010 and Neon J. that appears in Tatiana's office. In Vinyl City, the music capital of the world, indie rock band Bunk Bed Junction, who is Mayday and Zuke, was about to impress the CEO Tatiana and some of the superstars from NSR. The core of the gameplay revolves around its soundtrack, enemies, and attacks all timed to the beat of the music, while the protagonists fight by firing notes like bullets, transforming props and objects into weapons, or simply smacking them with their instruments. Now standing atop his Flying Factory (as it now has robotic legs and some sensational dance moves), Neon J attacks you directly this phase with a variety of attacks based on the color he shows on the Factory's spinner. 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This trailer also added an European-Spanish dub of the game for Spanish-speakers from both Spain and Latin America,[15] and the new guest reveal of Japanese rock band One Eye Closed. Their character designs haven't been revealed after Eve's until the originally planned release date of No Straight Roads has finally been announced. Their character designs haven't been revealed after. The counterable shots are fired by first the Red android, then the White android, and this applies to every time they're told to fire. The binary number 1010 is converted to decimal form as 10. Mayday and Zuke's album of 1010 in the European and Switch versions of NSR, Mayday was driving a car running over 1010, however, in the PS version, it was Zuke driving a moped while Mayday was riding while crying, and 1010 flying around. Defeat 1010 without getting knocked out. The factory portion could also be a reference to how indispensable soldiers are. In any case, the order of commands is the same. On the right side of the blue droid's head, 1010 is printed on. = Change positions (W Formation). No Straight Roads Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The five 1010 robots all remain in one place, firing in multiple patterns to the beat of the music, with the final two bullets being counterable. She continues to defend them throughout the fight, even after they destroy the factory machine and reveal the robotic endoskeletons underneath their attractive appearance. The red android has a mohawk, the white android has short wavy hair, the blue android has an undercut, the yellow android has a tall pointed hairstyle and bangs covering his right eye, and the green android has curly hair and a large hoop on his head. Metronomik The core of the gameplay revolves around its soundtrack, enemies, and attacks all timed to the beat of the music, while the protagonists fight by firing notes like bullets, transforming props and objects into weapons, or simply smacking them with their instruments. Various Mayday and Zuke's pet alligator and a secret assistant character who tags along with them. The music revolution starts right now!" Aliases Neon J. is a cyborg who created 1010, acting as their manager, and is the true 5th boss in No Straight Roads. Voiced by Voiced by Reblog. You play as Mayday or Zuke as they fight against the NSR artists who can attack in a rhythm of the music, Both of them can use their instruments as melee weapons to attack enemies and also collect Music Notes to shoot the enemies, they can also parry the enemy's attacks if one of them is purple, they can play their instruments to turn objects into something gameplay related gadgets, Mayday could turn it into a turret or a rocket launcher, while Zuke can turn it into a fan or a speed pad, you can also upgrade to make the gadgets stronger. If one member of the band gets destroyed, it is reproduced by Neon J. Biographical information No Straight Roads is an action-adventure video game developed by Malaysian independent studio Metronomik and published by Sold Out Ltd. Neon J's organs were preserved in a robotic shell after his injuries in the war, which is why he is considered a cyborg. It's time we fight EDM with the power of ROCK! For reference, 1010 will be given the orders in this repeatable sequence with audio queues and formations: NOTE: In harder difficulties, they may choose to do a different formation, such as a straight line. Release Date painterofstars . = Change positions (V Formation). Genre Members