It was supposed to land in the neighboring subdistrict of Dekai 15 minutes from departing Korupun, at 1115LT. Wide centre of gravity range making it a very stable jump platform. Few minutes later, while descending through Ecuvillens, the single engine aircraft crashed in a wooded area of Gibloux, in the Pont-en-Ogoz county. On arrival at Gulgubip, the pilot orbited and positioned the aircraft for landing. Take off and landing in less than 800 ft (244m), even when it is hot and high. During the final approach he decided to discontinue the approach and go-around. All information is given in good faith and for information purposes only.

Aircraft was on its way from Jayapura to Dekai with an intermediate stop at Korupun on behalf of a missionnary group.

Aircraft left Evora Airport in the afternoon for a training flight with two skydivers, one photographer and a pilot on board. The aircraft was a PAC750XL model built in 2004, modified in 2011 and renamed Pacific Aerospace Falcon 3000XL. The result of more than fifty years of evolution, theĀ  P-750 XSTOL is the world's first XSTOL aircraft unmatched by any other production aircraft and sets the benchmark for ten seater utility aircraft. N750UP (2007 PACIFIC AEROSPACE LTD 750XL owned by RANDIGO LLC) aircraft registration information with aircraft photos, flight tracking, and maps.

At 1411LT, the crew contacted Oksibil Airport, reported his altitude at 7,000 feet and received the last weather bulletin for Oksibil. It overran, hit a pile of wood and went down an embankment before coming to rest. Nine minutes later, the single engine aircraft struck trees and crashed in a dense wooded area located in the region of Oksibil.

Five occupants were injured while the flight engineer (copilot) was killed. The website has also a photo gallery and gives you an overview of all aviation museums worldwide. This aircraft has such unique Extremely Short Take-Off and Landing (XSTOL) capabilities that it demanded a class of its own. The 12 skydivers and the pilot abandoned the aircraft and bailed out. PACIFIC AEROSPACE PAC 750XL Aircraft For Sale 1 - 2 of 2 Listings. One Plane, So Many Applications Dependability, along with the longest flight range and shortest takeoff length makes the PAC750 perfectly suited for a wide variety of flight applications. The P-750 XSTOL delivers unsurpassed capability to provide: To get a better appreciation of this amazing aircraft you can either: Built for a One-Way Trip - USPA August 2007. Thirty-five minutes later, it crashed in unknown circumstances in a field and eventually collided with an earth bank located near the village of Chilkhaya. Aircraft can be converted to another factory-approved configuration maximising its useful life and resale value. The pilot was able to escape while the photographer shot himself and was killed. While cruising at a height of some 5,000 feet, the pilot encountered problems with the engine. Both occupants were killed. Can be readily customer-modified for geophysical survey work. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The web portal includes a comprehensive civil and military aircraft encyclopedia. While flying at low height northwest of Tiniroto, the single engine airplane hit power cables and crashed in a wooded area. Able to carry seventeen skydivers or six tandem teams. While overflying the region of Gruyere, all 17 skydivers jumped. sea level to 12,000 ft in ten minutes) and then be back at the air strip ready for another load before the jumpers land, enabling the aircraft to average four loads per hour. According to the Kompass website, it appears the aircraft landed long (some half way down the runway) and was unable to stop within the remaining distance. is a non-commercial webproject. While flying at low height northwest of Tiniroto, the single engine airplane hit power cables and crashed in a wooded area. Although Gulgubip is in mountainous terrain and the weather in the area is often poor, the pilot was tasked to fly there without ever having been to Gulgubip before. The single aircraft left Nepalgunj at 1230LT bound for Jumla.