Daarna ingeslagen op het frame bij het framenummer of balhoofd. Purchased in Champaign-Urbana, IL 1973", only type approval certificate, EZ 17.5.1966, only type approval certificate, EZ 27.7.1967, type plate, tandem frame, engine number 79xxxxx, blue metallic (repainted), type approval certificate, orange (repainted), type plate, type approval certificate, only type approval certificate, EZ 8.8.1966, red, type approval certificate (first registration 9.9.68), green, type plate, type approval certificate, type approval certificate, original certification number, type approval certificate, 4-speed foot change, type approval certificate, seller: "1981", blue, type plate, type approval certificate, only type approval certificate (seller: 1970), only type approval certificate (seller: "09/1973"? Over the years, in spite of good sales, the Spanish venture was losing money and in 1983 Suzuki bought 36% from the Spanish owners so the Spanish venture became a Puch-Suzuki venture. The existing capacity was insufficient, therefore a second plant was constructed and opened in 1941 in Thondorf, Graz. In that year the company employed about 1,100 workers and produced 16,000 bicycles and over 300 motorcycles and cars annually. The second number is the month.    Same specs as sn 6242586 except Stronglight TS crankset. It spawned the Hero Puch that sold extremely well in India from 1988 until the end of 2003 when production ended. Sears Allstate Riders is dedicated to the history and preservation of motorcycles, mopeds, and scooters that were sold through the Sears, Roebuck and Co. catalog. I’ve never seen a Maxi N in that color. The following dated bicycle frame numbers from the Singer Car Club (not guaranteed): 1903 – 142069. Usually there is no date on the black tag, and all the records of the production numbers and their correspondence to production date are long gone acording to the puch museum in Graz. Would that make it a 78? This is the best I could do at the moment for a picture. AUSTRO-DAIMLER/PUCH Engine = 3980248, blue, type plate, a bit hard to read, digits 1+2 interpolated, blue, type approval certificate, Al wheels, blue, type approval certificate "4.5.1987", red, type plate, type approval certificate "2.5.1986", only type approval certificate (first registration 2.1.74), only type approval certificate (YOM 1973), only type approval certificate and type plate, orig. During the period immediately after the war, late 1945 to 1947, the factory was requisitioned and run by the British Army (R.E.M.E.) The ones I've seen without dates were the old style frame that had the plug style gas cap instead of the newer twist-lock style caps. From 1951, their catalog bikes were rebadged with "Allstate" up until the mid 1960s, then switching to the "Sears" badge. $106.64 shipping. only type approval certificate, 6. digit =? In 1987, a massive restructuring of the company led to the end of the production of two-wheelers in Graz. With the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian empire following the War, the market for automobiles shrank and production was discontinued. $300.00. Each one of these two-wheeled motor vehicles sold by Sears Roebuck and Co. during the 1950s and 1960s were assigned an identifying model number. This is mine, I took off the snowflake mag wheels and the original engine off and kept them in storage because the bike only had a few hundred miles on it, I put on spoke wheels that had better gearing options and I put a 1986 white cobra black cover za50 performance build engine on it but otherwise you could see with the seat, rack, fender and side cover design with your bike should’ve looked like: if I were you I would not run it without a front fender or front fork stabilizer because it’s dangerous and you could lose control. VIN numbers on bikes made before 1981 can have any number of … All tags i've ever seen looked like this, the construction date or 'baujahr' is never stamped in. Placed in ascending serial number order. black, type plate, "K" added to type and shown in certificate. group, Reynolds 500 Cromotube, Puch Austro-Daimler Model It has K star on it. VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number, and can be found on any motorcycle, scooter, car, van etc.. The manufacture, > date is March of 78. Frames: Frame Numbers: 1972 through 1977 all have eight numbers on the steering head. The engine produced around 2 hp and could propel the rider at speeds of 28 mph (48 km/h).