Its features: Hello, Find the hidden animals, or/and cycle through possible escapes by going to vanilla animals! We use optional third-party analytics cookies to understand how you use so we can build better products. solver: the pickup strategies any/minimal were collecting too many minors, preset: New technique, Snail Clip, to reach minors in Aqueduct without Speed Booster, rando: When the Randomizer fails to generate a seed it displays an explicit message with the cause and how to fix it, rando: Most parameters of the Randomizer can now be individually randomized, rando: Like in Dessy's randomizer you can now randomly hide half of the items, rando: The number of available Etank/Reserve is computed with a gaussian instead of a fixed number, solver: When the Solver can't finish a seed with a given preset it displays which technique(s) to learn to be able to progress in the seed, solver: Display the remaining/inaccessible major locations in the spoiler, web rando: simple/medium/advanced mode for the randomizer, web preset: new page to manage the presets, the techniques are now grouped in tabs, gamepad mapping in the preset. rando: In 'boss rush' you can also speed up Tourian (on by default), to skip Metroids, Zebetites, and all cutscenes (including Mother Brain 3 fight). We've released an intermediate version of the VARIA Randomizer, Solver and Trackers ( New stuff: Hello @randomizer, Choose a start location, or randomize it! Try it out with the 'minimizer' settings preset! customizer: add palette randomization or other patches to an existing ROM. Now: Combat will always remove Plasma and Screw Attack if possible, and randomly others, Movement will always remove Space Jump, and randomly others, Suitless will remove at least one suit if the preset allows it, new techniques: Norfair Reserve DBoost, Crocomire Power Bomb: DBoost or Ice, Wall Jump Cathedral Exit, item tracker: the collected items are displayed like in the inventory menu, item tracker: sequence breaking is now supported, item tracker: an interactive Item Tracker is now available, it uses the Solver in interactive mode to show the next available locations on the map, logo: new awesome VARIA Randomizer logo, used on the home page of the web site, preset: nova boost technique is now available (enabled in speedrunner and master presets), it could be required to solve some Total Hard seeds, tracker: an area tracker is now available, it allows you to graphically link the portals between areas, cache: new internal caching system, 25% performance gain on Randomizer and Solver, locs: fix various small bugs thanks to the new cache, presets: better separation of standard/community presets, presets: presets list is now more user-friendly with the addition of a search bar, presets: added a skill level bar and some stats about the preset, rando: added time spent in pause menu in the credits stats, solver: auto detect the preset when solving a VARIA seed, presets: fixed bug in the new presets preventing suitless Maridia in generated seeds, rando: fixed the bomb counter in the credits stats (PB no longer count as bomb), rando: fixed SBA counter in the credits stats (a bug made it increase wildly in certain conditions) in the credits stats, locs: fixed some locations access functions. As VARIA Randomizer has a lot of options, the easiest way to use it is with a Randomizer preset (--randoPreset), you also need a skill preset to tell the Randomizer which tricks he can use to acces the locations (--param) and a vanilla ROM (-r), you can optionally give a seed number (- … solver: the path of access points between locations is now displayed, Area randomization official release (randomization of the access points between the main Zebes areas), Rando: The maximum difficulty is now set to hardcore by default (no difficulty cap was the previous default), Rando: The eye at Morph Ball will now open for any item, not only Morph Ball. You can choose the branch to checkout with -b, and give a Github token with -t to be able to do git pull in the Docker image: There's other scripts to start/stop the containers: /, delete the containers/images: and update the git repository in an image: -b branch . Work fast with our official CLI. Also by TarThoron, an awesome Dark Samus recolor, as well as a bunch of meme "Samus is rotated" sprites! rando: new optional patch: No music, disables background music while playing. For example, Crateria will always have two transitions to Green Brinstar, one to Red Brinstar, one to Wrecked Ship and one to Tourian. Using the presets (for each technique you can say if you know it and your perceived difficulty for it) from the solver we've made a new randomizer: the VARIA randomizer (Very Adaptive Randomizer of Items for Anyone) Combo Rando v10 Tutorial and Logic Explanation A walkthrough of the logic in version 10 of the randomizer. We've relased the new version of the VARIA Randomizer, dubbed "feeling lost in Zebes again". We've released an intermediate version of the VARIA Randomizer and Solver ( dubbed "Easy Ridley". To add a sprite use --sprite, the available sprites are in itemrandomizerweb/patches/sprites/: To add one or more patches use --patch, the available patches listed in the same order as on the Customizer page: Note: if you want both colors randomization and custom sprite you can't use the palettizer, you have to add the colors randomization parameters to the randomizer on top of --patchOnly.