I’ve used Gypsy Girl and a name not listed above, FlipFloppinAround. Choosing from all the different travel blog names out there isn’t easy, but you may also be struggling to think of any blog name ideas at first. Trip Information and Latest Updates from Kerala India. So pleased to learn that the SupremeCourt has ruled against criminalising sexual acts in private. I choose life in a bag/suitcase for my blog if it’s OK D) Dam, Damage, Deciduous, Decomposition, Decoration, Decorative, Dedication, Degree, Delicate, Delta, Depth, Desert, Destruction, Develop, Digging, Disperse, Distance, Diversity, Division, Doldrums, Domain, Drainage, Drought, Dune Send a link and I can add that as well. Also, travel blog names don’t have to be dull, and this one gives off an air of danger and adventure. Supreme Court said that right to love anyone was an individual choice. This can be of great help when picking your travel blog name. hi. 5.Passportsvisasandmore.com, Could you help with some more names…The free blog address is mentioned above, Anybody with a better suggestion of a name after reading what the blog is all about. Thanks for the list It helped me brainstorm the name for mine. I’ve been trying to come up with a fitting travel/photography-related name for days but nothing feels right! C) Caldera, Canal, Canyon, Cape, Cardinal points, Cartographer, Cartography, Cascade, Cavern, Cay, Celestial, Change, Channel, Chaparral, Chasm, Circulation, Circumnavigate, Civilization, Classification, Cliff, Climate, Clippings, Cluster, Coast, Community, Compass, Compost, Condensation, Conditions, Coniferous, Conservation, Continent, Continental divide, Contour, Coordinate, Copse, Crag, Crater, Creek, Crevasse, Crevice, Cuesta, Cultivate, Current, Cuttings, Cycles The Savvy Backpacker The list above is a guideline as to the process I went through when naming my travel blog (the last time). Please try again. Here are the simple steps for naming your travel blog, and I will go into further details below. looks like the name has been taken already. Your post has been most helpful to at least start the creative process.. Considering advertisements and commercials, presenting one online is far more lucrative for the company than running the ad on paper or television. Society is now better for individualism. Checking whether your favourite titles are available is easy, simply enter it into this little box and hit ‘Check availability’. It may sound presumptuous at first look, but what if you really are a travel wizard? I’ll be grabbing navigatio as a wordpress url for now but I’m hoping to eventually have the .ca as well. They use clever hacks to generate unique blog names that you can use. 4. The Supreme Court of India in a landmark verdict strikes down 158-years old colonial law and allowed gay sex among consenting adults in private. If possible, you want to make it clear for people what the blog is about, or what they can expect to find on your travel blog. Why Don’t You Babe – A play on the Supremes song. You’ll probably have decided the main focus for your blog, such as budget travel or weekend trips. Boats and Phos: A Maritime Tour of Southeast Asia, 58. Even if you’re thinking you won’t get into Twitter, I would still advise you to score your blog handle there, as it will look bad for your brand if some 12-year-old starts tweeting from it in 5 months’ time. I had a bugger of a time thinking of a name and have to say the end result was nothing overly exciting. N) Narrowboat He started his blog in 2008 to help the people of Kerala get the latest updates on KSRTC bus timetables. I’m not sure I can be truly successful at conveying the correct intonation, however. Let’s get one thing straight: sifting through potential travel blog names isn’t easy. I own a Book Blog already but I wish to convert it into a TRAVELLING + FOOD + BOOKS blog. The judgment was delivered by a Bench of Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra and Justices Rohinton Nariman, AM Khanwilkar, DY Chandrachud and Indu Malhotra. Hi, Dan. However, only you can keep them interested by filling your posts with the massive energy of your travel experience. One of this i surely use for my next blog. Curious Lisa), Your name + a destination (e.g. I’d like to use the Redefined Timeline. Rove team are Out of the Office… . According to him, a major issue with the digital media in Kerala is that it wasn’t organised enough to cater to the needs of the audience. I work in the Travel Industry and I have all the first hand information of all the updates that take place in the industry…I have brainstormed a few names like the ones below ( provided they are available…Panacea—which means remedy or solution I’ve posted some of my travels on it. I am now the proud owner of Go Travel Mama . Your blog is so knowledgeable, really it”s a good content to gain idea. Just wanted to let you know I’ve claimed “Off the Face”. Giving it a random English name or likewise won’t resonate with the viewers,” He says. It will be first-of-its-kind of venture for the team as well as for the audience. Rooftops and Flipflops Q) Quad bike Some times I feel like I should title something I write “So This is How I Die,” not so much as a statement, but more as a realization. “I have always been focused more on content creation, even during college days,” he reminisces. Thanks! Nikhil was also invited by Mathrubhumi to conduct a workshop as the founder of the fastest growing YouTube Channel. I am looking to start an on the road musical travel blog. Great list. It features a wide array of articles ranging from spirituality to food, health to technology, and much more in between. Is your blog going to be location-specific? Hi I would like to use number 47 thanks…. Is there anything relating to this that can be used to name your travel blog? Although the only name stuck in my head is LiveALittleMore. Is there anything better than your version of events? “WE R Out of the office” The World Pursuit Awesome list. “cold turkey” and “salt of the earth” is catchy name. Thank you for those amazing ideas. Trying to think of a good blog name is hard, especially when you want the name of your blog to be descriptive of what your blog is, memorable for any of your readers, and catchy enough so that you won’t grow tired of it. Good luck! For Nikhil, his 12 years of experience in media helped to mould a constructive team that would deliver something fresh and entertaining. Why don’t you bring popular culture and ancient myths together while you write about all those legendary places you have visited? Tray Tables & Seat Backs – Travel bloggers can recite this entire speech by memory. Nomadic Matt If you are ready to learn more about starting a blog, don’t miss this overview of every single blog term you need to know to grow your blog! Keep it up . Here’s a salute to Bill Murray’s description of chaos in Ghostbusters.