The R1 and R3 will alert for about 11 to 12 seconds in total whether the actual detection is brief or lasts as long as five seconds. Best radar detector reviews 2020/2021: This year’s top radar detectors.

This long range radar detector and laser detector will allow you to monitor your road speed. Three, its trailing alerts are nice and tight so that it accurately conveys the texture of brief detections of radar transmissions. But, I’ll tell you this, they’re darn close and with each subsequent release of new firmware, they’re getting closer. For easy installation it includes windshield mounting suction cup brackets and a 12V DC Power cord with RJ11 connector. That’s why the V1 has historically been my go-to detector.

When the community first learned of the new development, it quickly became posed as that year’s best radar detector, a title that speaks of the community’s confidence in the brand based on its product. Uniden also provides a nice coiled cigarette light power adapter which is terminated with a proper RJ-11 jack and includes a push-button for muting alerts and locations as well as a built-in USB port to power your smartphone. Do we quit or do we look for the next tallest mountain to scale? I believed Escort had summited the tallest mountain above sea level there is–Mount Everest. Extreme long range laser radar detector with color display and advanced filtering. Not only does this further cut-down on falses from these automotive annoyances, they can also effectively filter out stationery K-band drone signs that you will often encounter in construction zones. The voice annotations, if enabled, are clear, the volume and tonal characteristics are distinct, and perhaps most importantly, the duration of the trailing alerts after the radar signal is no longer detected is superior to anything ever to come from Beltronics or Escort, which have remained  far too long in duration to be useful. For those interested in knowing the battery/alternator voltage or their current altitude, that information can also be at your fingertips. Anyone who tells you that the ability of a radar detector to detect police laser is not important, either doesn’t have a clue what they’re talking about or are trying to sell you expensive laser jammers, or both. Particularly with the Uniden R3, Uniden provides a lot of useful information on their display, including your current speed and direction of travel; the sensitivity setting of the detector; the current time of day–courtesy of GPS satellites; the band of police radar and frequency of the primary detection; up to three additional concurrently detected police radar bands each with their own signal strengths (when ALL THREATS mode is enabled). On the other hand too, I don’t mind getting an occasional alert to a known falsing location, because it reassures me that the detector is on and working properly.

Some are more prone to doing this than others. With these shorter alert durations, you get a better sense of how long you are really being targeted or if the officer is having difficulty finding an aiming point (more on this later) to get your speed. Advanced detections to police laser can happen quite frequently if you are driving along side another vehicle that is slightly ahead of you and when he or she is being targeted before you. So it’s more of a filtering benefit, than a performance increasing one, which is just fine with me. It provides quick signal acquisition, accuracy in geo-location, good reactivity to changing speeds, and the ability to display the time of day.

Who likes admitting to being wrong? The R3 doesn’t have the ability to AUTOLEARN (Escort’s term for automatically locking a signal out after multiple drive-bys), but I personally don’t miss the capability. Highway mode is the most sensitive, with maximum detection ranges while on the highway or open road.

We believe the best place to purchase your R1 and R3 is from RadarBusters. The menu buttons are large, spaced nicely, and have a terrific tactile feel to them. Acuras, Honda, GM, and Fiat vehicles have proven to be the toughest to reject (filter out) in general, but Uniden does a great job overall. While some other manufacturers tout advanced digital signal processing using fancy catch phrases (and fall short of their claims), Uniden’s approach just works. What RLC (red light camera) quiet ride allows for is the setting of a speed that if you drive below it, the detector will not provide an audio alert to  red light cameras that may be located just off of a highway at the end of an off ramp . That distinction still belongs to Escort and Beltronics. The incorporated GPS chipset is very good.

Uniden, like Radenso, offers a very useful feature, called K NARROW, where the frequency range swept in the K-band region is reduced and more centered around a properly tuned police radar gun.

BSM Filtering that Actually Works (K FILER).

CITY mode reduces K band sensitivity which can help reduce falsing to stationery K-band door openers you’ll encounter around town, but it also reduces the range that your detector may alert to the K-band collision avoidance systems that can still make it through the filtering. The R1 is an exceptional detector for use on the highway, but the R3 with its GPS prowess, is particularly well-suited to both highway and city driving. In this mode, the screen stays off, except for a little flashing dot on the lower left of the screen, until a detection occurs and then when the Uniden R1 or Uniden R3 alerts, the screen turns back on, displaying everything you need to know about your encounter. It’s not that these other detectors aren’t great in their own right. The sound levels can be made very loud and still remain clear with the alert tones easily recognizable and distortion-free.

Like the Valentine and Whistler detectors, in particular, the R1 and R3 turn in essentially perfect performances when approaching quickly triggered instant-on police radar traps. This long range radar detector and laser detector will allow you to monitor your road speed. The GPS-enabled R3, like other GPS detectors, has the ability to manually lock-out a stationery radar source by its geolocation. As I witnessed the sheer and jaw dropping performance of the Uniden R1 and its GPS-enabled stablemate, the Uniden R3, a question came to mind: What happens when we conquer Everest? The Uniden R1 and R3 have a multitude of display settings: DIM, DIMMER, BRIGHT, DARK, and off. Do I often use the mute button this way? It goes to show that software (ie; firmware) is every bit as important as the hardware that it’s controlling. The new R1 is Uniden's newest radar detector having identical performance to the more expensive Uniden R3, but without GPS functionality. Other than for the “hip” factor, or that you have money to burn, or that all of your Lamborghini-driving friends have remotes, it is increasingly difficult for me to justify such a purchase. With built in GPS you are able to mark geographical points where you ... Long range radar detector with GPS and threat detection. There are three ways to exit the menu programming: Both models have similar underlying features, but the Uniden R3 has quite a bit more options related to its GPS functions when GPS is turned on. I’d also like to see the brightness levels also apply to the brightness of the backlit front-facing buttons and an auto-dimming feature–which could automatically tailor the brightness levels of both the screen and the backlit buttons to the ambient lighting conditions. This would be more consistent with the method for exiting it. In my opinion, it flashes too quickly. Compared to Escort’s digital M5/M6 platforms which can offer erratic and inconsistent alerting behavior (my sense tells me because they are too heavy handed with their filtering and signal processing algorithms), the Unidens feel as though their code is nice and tight and purposeful. One is their K FILTER mode, which excises many of these systems from alerting.

Uniden R1 Extreme Long Range Radar Detector Hailed as a top-end radar system, the Uniden R1 is the perfect travel companion whenever you get behind the wheel. Still, the use of these radar detectors should be fine in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Washington D.C., military bases, and most provinces of Canada–each area where detector usage is banned. 360 degree laser detection. Contrary to other reports and “tests”, I found both the R1 and R3 detectable by my SPECTRE RDD model, although detections were inconsistent and when they happened they were very close. I’d rather see a slow flash on-off rate of about one second, more like our heartbeats at rest, than like after a 100 yard sprint. After years of customer complaints, I figured if Escort couldn’t figure out how to make a bright display, no one could.

The sheer range of the R1 and R3 are mind-blowing. It’s just that the R1 and R3 are even noticeably better. I much prefer Whistler’s approach. I’d suggest instead you take a trip to the Seychelles with the savings. Uniden RDA-HDWKT Radar Detector Smart Hardwire Kit with Mute Button, LED Alert and Power LED. As I put mileage on them in Maryland, where they can be found, I’ll get a better feel how the R1 and R3 do against these difficult to detector (and jam) police laser guns. Never heard of this mountain? The DARK mode is a nice feature for stealth driving. At this point, I choose to leave this feature off. Visually, you will be presented with the primary detected radar band, its frequency, and its signal strength with five bars of varying colors indicating the levels and relative proximity. Like the menu button, sensitivity could be changed on the R3 by pressing and holding the button for an short amount of time and for marking by quick depression. Downloads & Owner Manuals Get current firmware, media players and PC software that help support your Uniden wireless security products. Uniden Uniden R1 Extreme Long Range Radar Laser Detector 360 Degree Dsp Voice Alert, 1.1 Lb ... Conveniently saves your last settings (except Mute) when the unit is powered down or disconnected from power. This is a feature, that I don’t use or particularly care for in its current configuration, not that some wouldn’t find it useful. Both of these radar detectors appear well constructed. The V1 has nearly 26 years under its belt, as as such you would expect it to be thoroughly refined. It also dawned on me, that I have been wrong all of these years. No other detector comes close to providing all of the information, especially in an eminently readable manner. For detectors that retail at only $429 and $329, this performance level has been unheard of. The latest models of SPECTRE, particularly the SPECTRE Elite, have been designed to be less impacted by spurious RF and as a consequence, they’re more heavily filtered. While Cobra and Whistler have in the past offered bright, colorful displays, Beltronics and Escort have been struggling to do so. The R1 and R3 offer consistently stunning levels of performance across all of the radar bands in use. To change or toggle a feature, simply press the MENU button quickly. Unlike the quickness and sharpness of R1’s and R3’s alerts to radar, detections to laser last too long, in my opinion. Uniden R3 Review/Uniden R1 Review: Veil Guy reviews two incredible radar detectors, Packaging & Workmanship of the Uniden R1 & Uniden R3, Utility & Behavior of the Uniden R1 & Uniden R3, We believe the best place to purchase your R1 and R3 is from.

Such an arrangement would create a more consistent experience across both the R1 and R3 detectors.

Allowing for a reduced alerting radii from 1000 feet to 800, 600, 400, 300 feet would accomplish the same thing. You enter the configuration menu of the R1 or R3 by quickly pressing the MENU button located on the top of the detectors and then you can step to each option by either depressing the left or right volume buttons that straddle each side.